Sessions running for national interests, Trump agenda

Jeff Sessions, who is now running for his old U.S. Senate seat, said he is running for the national interests and President Trump's agenda, in spite of Trump's criticism of Sessions' time as attorney general. 


December 1948: Walker College celebrates 10th anniversary; fiddler credited with Truman's upset in election

I found a hodgepodge of interesting news bulletins for this week's column in the 1948 bound volume.
Ed Howell

My hit-and-run experience

Let's clean out the notebook...
Laura Pitts

Enjoy each holiday season to the fullest

It seems this year that Christmas has arrived faster than anyone expected. Thanksgiving being a week later has bumped everything to a …
A fire at the Mountain Eagle office was the top story on Dec. 8, 1949. A new, faster printing press was destroyed in the fire.

December 1949: Eagle office damaged in fire; families fall on hard times during strike

The Daily Mountain Eagle has reported on numerous fires in its nearly 150-year history and on a couple of occasions it has been the …
Ed Howell

Holiday Toy Drive needs $3,000 more

This just came in Wednesday afternoon as I started writing: According to Robbie Dickerson, the Holiday Toy Drive is needing an …
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