4 arrested in Jasper meth bust
by Elane Jones
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The Walker County Sheriff’s Office received an anonymous tip Tuesday evening that led to the discovery of a methamphetamine lab and the arrest of four individuals at a house in Jasper.

Walker County Sheriff’s Deputy Chuck Tidwell said four people were arrested and taken into custody around 8 p.m. Tuesday at a residence located at 1300 West 10th Street.

Manuel Wayne Posey, 47, of Carbon Hill; Kellie Crockett, 21, of Jasper; Billy Frank Cook, 34, of Jasper and Alisha Megan Head, 26, of Townley, have all four been charged with first-degree manufacturing methamphetamine, trafficking methamphetamine, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of a controlled substance. They are all currently being held in the Walker County Jail.

Tidwell said someone contacted the sheriff’s office Tuesday evening and advised them of a location where individuals were reportedly cooking methamphetamine at the time.

“The caller also stated that the subjects were getting ready to steal a vehicle located at the same address,” Tidwell said. “So me and Deputy Blair Huddleston went to that location, and when we arrived, we saw two gentlemen messing around a blue Cadillac sitting near the residence. Then they went back inside, so we contacted the police chief with the Jasper Police Department.”

Jasper police also responded to the scene.

“When the Jasper officers arrived, we decided to just do what we call a ‘knock and talk’ due to the actual complaint regarding the lab,” Tidwell said. “We just want to see what was going on, but as soon as we pull up a gentlemen opened the door, saw me and ran back inside.”

Tidwell said the officers smelled a strong odor coming from the residence, which alerted them to a possible meth lab, and they immediately made entry into the house.

“We secured everybody inside the residence and took them outside, and then searched the residence,” Tidwell said. “We found an active 20-ounce, one pot, meth lab in one of the rooms, along with some other items used to manufacture methamphetamine.”

During the process of securing the suspects and the meth lab, law enforcement officers also received information regarding items that had been reportedly been taken from the blue Cadillac, which Tidwell and Huddleston had noticed when they first arrived on the scene.

“While we were searching a vehicle that belonged to one of the females we had in custody, the owner of the blue Cadillac came up,” Tidwell said. “When one of the Jasper officers opened the trunk, the gentleman saw some speakers that belonged in his car, which had apparently just been stolen out of his vehicle.”

Tidwell said the Cadillac owner also noticed that the lock on his vehicle had been damaged.

“Jasper Police will be conducting the investigation in regards to the breaking and entering of the Cadillac and theft of the speakers,” Tidwell said.

The Jasper Fire Department was also called to the scene because the fumes from the meth lab were reportedly so bad that they could possibly create a health hazard for anyone who had came in contact with them.

“We have made it a point to contact the local fire department or Regional Paramedical Services to check out anyone in a residence where a meth lab has been discovered,” Tidwell said. “Especially if children are in a residence. We do that because of the health risk and safety issues that are associated with the chemicals used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.”

Jasper Police Chief Connie Cooner Rowe said she was appreciative of the Walker County Sheriff’s Office deputies for notifying the Jasper Police Department so quickly, and assisting to eliminate situations and circumstances like the one that occurred Tuesday from the Jasper police jurisdiction.

“I have known both of these deputies for a very long time and when they called I knew the information they had was good,” Rowe said. “I also knew they knew what they were doing. I was just glad our officers were handy and could come in right behind them.”

Rowe said she could not have been more pleased with the cooperative effort that occurred Tuesday night between the two departments.

“The county is handling the drug case and we are handling the theft case that resulted out of this situation,” Rowe said. “And more charges may be pending against these four individuals beside what the county has, once we are through with our investigation.”