A short Colorado vacation
by Rick Watson
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Jilda and I spent the long Forth of July weekend in Telluride, Colo. There are very few places we’ve visited that we would actually consider moving to. Colorado is one of those places. I looked for a job while we were there but I couldn’t find a match for my skill set.

We were guests of our friends Wes and Deidra Laird, who have a timeshare at a resort there. We got a glimpse of how we might live if we were to win the lottery.

I’m talking huge condos with mattresses that you can actually sleep on. There were hot tubs, swimming pools and eucalyptus steam rooms.

The view in practically every direction was breath taking. As an old friend put it, you could get scenic sclerosis just hiking around Telluride.

Wes and I went fly fishing in the San Miguel River that flows through Telluride. After a few quick lessons, from our guide, we had fish all over our flies.

I landed a beautiful rainbow trout that almost dragged me into the water. I got a photo of that baby and I thought about bringing home, but I feared I might encounter issues trying to gate check the fish on the plane. I did the sensible thing and released it.

The temperature in the mountains was like it is here in Alabama in early spring – low 40s at night and mid to upper 70s during the day.

We took a gondola from the place we were staying over then mountain and into the town of Telluride (about a ten minute ride), and watched the Forth of July parade. It was the most eclectic parade I have ever witnessed.

After the parade, we strolled over to the park and joined about 10,000 other folks at the fireman’s BBQ. As we stood in line, fighter jets swept in at low altitudes and scared the dickens out of me and most of the small children at the event. It looked as if the jets were going to fly into the side of the mountain but at the last moment, they pulled straight up and were out of sight in a matter of moments leaving a cheering crowd in their wake.

That night after a stunning fireworks show, we went back to the complex, sat around the fire and played “Country Roads,” “Rocky Mountain High” and every other John Denver song we could think of.

It was interesting because folks young and old seemed to know those songs and everyone sang along.

Aside from the incredible natural beauty of the place, we found the people who live in Telluride (not visiting tourists) were very warm, creative and friendly.

Another thing that struck me was the people there love their dogs as much as we love ours. They take their dogs everywhere. Every place we ate, shopped and browsed, you could see dogs tethered just outside with a bowl of water. It was the most animal-friendly place we have ever visited.

I’ve also never seen a cleaner town. There was NO litter. They recycle everything.

At the BBQ, all the plates, napkins, utensils and drink containers were either composted or recycled. There were recycle receptacles throughout the town.

This was one of the most enjoyable get-a-ways we’ve ever taken.

When we left Telluride that morning, the temperature was in the 40s with practically no humidity. When we touched down in Birmingham, the thermometer was pushing 100 with humidity that was like the Telluride steam room without the eucalyptus.

Even so, it was good to be home, but you can bet your air conditioner, we’ll visit Colorado again.