Again Alabama lost millions in the lottery
by Bill J Cleghorn
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Almost all states share in the Powerball lottery except Alabama. Wednesday, the Powerball Lottery went to two winners, one in Arizona and one in Missouri. Almost half of the over $500 million went to participating states for taxes. The U.S. and participating states came out winners.

Thousands of Alabamians drove to the Florida, Georgia and Tennessee state lines. I, myself, carried two widow women to Ardmore, Tenn., to purchase lottery tickets. They purchased tickets for their dozen friends or so that wanted a ticket or two.

There were two gas stations and something called the Ardmore Exchange where one could purchase lottery tickets. There were at that time two dozen cars from Alabama at each place and maybe six cars from Walker County. I spoke to a Mr. Dill from Walker County and he stated that it was easier for people north of Montgomery to drive up Intestate 65 to Tennessee than it was to go to Georgia or Florida. Many of the players were from Decatur and Huntsville. There was some comment that what idiots that was in charge of our politics in Alabama, from a individual that had just moved to Huntsville from Chicago two weeks ago. In the defense of them, I stated that we had some great and dedicated elected officials but that she could just listen to and read their statements and one could decide for themselves how smart they were.

I read in today’s (Nov. 29) Daily Mountain Eagle that the Alabama tuition plan was in trouble again and it would run out before fall of 2015 for the 10,000 students enrolled in the plan. I personally think that education money should be at the high school level. I finished high school as an accomplished judge of all livestock and welder. I could frame a house and knew how to wire a house. I was also a bee keeper and worked together in sports and many other activities. It now seems that in our education system that 80 percent of all Alabama state tax is collected and earmark for education for the purpose to educate football players and attorneys.

Throwing money for education at a large mausoleum for education may not be the answer either. My thoughts are until we get back to where one income can support a household then our then basic beliefs will depend on help from the top down which will never work.

The highpoint of the day to buy lottery tickets was at the KFC at Hartsville where the $5 buffet was well prepared and it was a very friendly place.

Bill J Cleghorn