An eventful week for city
by Sonny Posey
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Sonny Posey
Sonny Posey
As I am thinking through the events of the past week, I am encouraged about the economic future of Jasper. Most folks that know me realize that I am an optimistic, glass half full person. But I am more positive than ever that the fiscal situation in Jasper is improving.

For the first time in a long time, the sales tax revenue was up 4.2 percent this past month. Whereas, that may not be the end of the tunnel, I am hopeful that it’s at least the light that I’ve been looking for.

Also, this past Wednesday, I had the opportunity to participate in the groundbreaking for our new Industrial Connector Road Project. I am certain that this effort is just the beginning to an improved jobs situation in our area. Along those same lines, the expansion construction of the new Amtex facility is underway. It won’t be long before there are citizens of Jasper working at the Amtex plant. That’s quite an exciting and satisfying accomplishment for all those involved.

I’m thrilled about the sales tax, and I’m ecstatic about the direction that our industrial recruitment and development is taking.

Now, it is time for me to place increased focus on our retail development in Jasper. Some of my staff has been involved in helping the Little Caesars Pizza developers to locate in Jasper. Hopefully, this new business will be open in the next few weeks. I realize that the jobs and tax revenue from this business may appear to be insignificant. What I believe, is this is the beginning of a trend.

I have some proactive ideas that I have been working on lately, for the increase in retail development in Jasper. Increased retail development in Jasper is good for the tax base, job creation and service to the citizens.

While I’m writing about that, I would be remiss not to ask you to consider doing all of your shopping in Jasper. I realize that going to Birmingham to shop is fun for many. However, when you shop in Jasper, you help the city, as well as your friends and neighbors.

Again, I’m excited about our economic future. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve each and every one of you.

Sonny Posey is mayor of Jasper. His column appears periodically in the Daily Mountain Eagle.