Board reinstates bus routes to Curry
by Daniel Gaddy
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The Walker County Board of Education voted on Tuesday to reinstate two 16-mile bus routes that were cancelled last year due to fuel costs.

“We’re in a little bit of a different place right now,” said Superintendent Jason Adkins, referring to the Walker County School System’s financial standings.

Adkins said the district’s balance sheet went from being $4.7 million in the red in 2010 to having a $4.8 million surplus.

The routes the board reinstated on Tuesday were both to Curry High School, one from Lupton Junior High School and the other from Valley School.

In April 2011, the principals from both Valley and Lupton schools requested the cancellation of the express routes to Curry High.

They said the 16-mile trips were costing the district $54,812 a year in addition to delays and employee overtime associated with the routes.

In other business, the board:

•Voted to change the school system’s student handbook in regard to the policy for fighting. It previously stated that both participants in a physical altercation would receive a minimum of 20 days in the 180 Degree program (the district’s new alternative school).

The new amendment states that the instigator of the fight still receives a minimum of 20 days in the new program. However, it gives leeway to school principals in determining the punishment to the student who did not provoke the fight.

“I felt in my heart that, if someone is minding their own business and somebody comes and creates a problem, that’s something different, and therefore, they shouldn’t be punished the same way,” Adkins said.

•Approved a lease renewal with Norfolk Southern Corporation for the Parrish High School ball fields and parking lot.

•Approved a renewal of the agreement with ARMS Risk Management, which serves as insurance against lawsuits filed against the school system.

Adkins said Walker County School officials are trying to put in place policies that discourage law suits, but the agreement with the risk management company is still a necessity for the district.

•Approved a resolution renewing the WCBOE Community Education Program at Curry Elementary School. The project is an extended day program for students with working parents.