County doesn’t benefit from city’s new sales tax
by Richard Duncan
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In the June 4 edition of the Daily Mountain Eagle, I read a disturbing article about our tax money. A few months earlier our brilliant city leaders decided to speak for all the county residents by passing a sales tax under the pretense of an education tax to build a new city high school. That’s good if you live in the city limits and have family in the system. The county will not benefit from the tax. But it passed and people got over it ....

A few months later, the city police department gets part of the money. Now city leaders say it wasn’t just for education. Now it seems the county is helping pay to police the city. I think our county police force needs to benefit as well. If that wasn’t enough, now the city school superintendent has quit his job and will continue to receive his salary for three more years. I wonder how much that will take from our school tax? Now the county will have to pay for a superintendent that is not working and a salary for a new superintendent. The old superintendent said he would help in the transition of his office. How nice since he will be getting three years salary for not being there.

But like a man I work with said “If you don’t like it ... stay out of town.” Good answer if you got family in the system. If I didn’t have to go through town to get to work, I would stay out of town. What would happen if all county residents stayed out of town? You would have to raise the ad valorum tax on city property. Wonder how that would work?

Maybe the city can take some of our so-called education tax money and fix that pig trail called 9th Avenue. That way it would be easier for county residents to get to work so we can pay our fair share. At least we would get something for our money.

I am all for a better education system for our children and police protection for our citizens, but let people receiving the service pay for it.

Richard Duncan,