Doing the right thing — even in traffic
by Rick Watson
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Rick Watson
Rick Watson
I believe that most people when faced with two choices, try to do the right thing. But there are others whose moral compass is a little off kilter.

Here’s an example:

There’s a stretch of interstate in Birmingham as you head south on the Red Mountain Expressway where you must get into the right lane to exit onto I-20 East.

It’s not new, in fact it’s probably been that way for over 30 years.

People who drive that section of road know you must get into the right lane to exit, even though traffic is almost always backed up. It’s the nature of the beast. You have too many cars traveling on a road that was not designed to handle that much traffic.

But as I said, people who drive that road daily understand it and they simply slow down and “wait their turn.”

If an out of state driver happens to get stuck in the wrong lane, local people will always give them space to merge over.

From day one, there have been impatient drivers who feel their time is more valuable than the time of their fellow commuters, so they speed down the adjacent lane and at the last moment, they dart over and cut in line.

When these inconsiderate dimwits swerve in front of the good drivers, everyone has to slam on their brakes. I’ve personally cursed thousands of these nefarious nincompoops through the years.

It doesn’t help that the morons are normally chatting on their cell phones oblivious to the fact they’ve almost caused a calamity.

This drives me crazy and I can say without hesitation, that I have not missed driving in Birmingham since I retired last year.

However on occasion I have to travel that stretch of road. But today, something extraordinary happened. There was a Porsche, and two BMW’s with low-life drivers, who apparently intended to cut in line, but this time the traffic gods were smiling.

It looked almost as if it had been choreographed, because the drivers in the exiting lane saw the oncoming miscreants and closed ranks bumper to bumper leaving no room for the idiots to merge. Traffic was slow, so it wasn’t that hard to do.

No one would let the Porsche or the Beamers in. The twits had to come to a complete stop in the left lane. Cars behind them who were not turning, started stacking up and horns began blaring. The situation quickly turned ugly.

I’m guessing some drivers behind the ill-mannered twits were saying some very unflattering things about the numbskulls. To my amazement, the dolts looked as though THEY were the victims.

I actually laughed out loud at the justice of the situation. I know it was wrong, but I don’t regret flipping those three guys the one-finger salute as I passed them. If it were possible, I would have hugged every driver that banded together today.

I know some people sprang out of the shallow end of the gene pool, and will never do what’s right, but today three guys paid the price for not doing the right thing.