Home is where the Scentsy is
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jennifer Cohron
Jennifer Cohron
It started late one night with a simple question — “What would you think of moving the loveseat?”

Within the hour, the arrangement of the entire living room had been turned upside down.

Zac and I moved almost every piece of furniture except the couch, where Wyatt was snoozing. When he woke up the next morning, his first words were “Why did you do this?”

As Zac and I surveyed our work from the relocated loveseat that night, we realized that we needed a new bookshelf. The one Zac brought into the marriage was leaning so badly that a good sneeze might blow it down.

We also came to the conclusion that the table in the middle of the living room that we could eat on but just threw junk on instead should be replaced with a desk.

And of course, we had to have a floor lamp and end table for the new reading area we had created by moving the loveseat next to our other bookshelf.

These recent changes reflect the first serious redecorating that Zac and I have done since moving into the house four years ago.

At that time, we were newly married and watching every penny.

We had very little furniture of our own. Our only appliance was Zac’s TV, which didn’t do us a lot of good because it was over a month before I allowed us to sign up for satellite service.

We thought we were in high cotton when we found out the stove and dishwasher came with the house.

We set up housekeeping with the bare essentials we bought and other furnishings given to us by family and friends.

Four years and one child later, we were still mostly making do. That night on the loveseat, Zac and I agreed to start acting like we owned the place.

We were surprised at how little effort it took to make our house feel more inviting.

I thought I was doing pretty good with the new arrangement and addition of furniture. Then I was introduced to Scentsy.

It’s essentially a company trying to replace candles with wickless wax that you heat with a light bulb.

We know someone who is a consultant, and she let me borrow a briefcase filled with every scent imaginable.

Zac and I sat around one night sniffing at least 100 of the little jars.

Given our different personalities, it should have come as no surprise that our noses couldn’t agree on anything.

If we had each gotten our way, his side of the house would have smelled like fruit and soap and mine would have smelled like coffee and desserts.

The only one I refused to negotiate on was Mochadoodle. It is described in the brochure as “delicious roasted coffee beans and cocoa, balanced with sugar, caramel and heavy cream.”

I fell so hard for Mochadoodle that I threatened to hold the sample hostage until our order came in.

Thanks to Wyatt, a holiday scent called Peppermint Dreams also made it into our final six selections. Chocoholics that we are, he and I wanted it for the same reason — it smells exactly like a York peppermint patty.

Zac picked out several scents of his own. I also picked out a warmer with a big fish on it with him in mind and complemented it with various angler-themed items from Bass Pro Shop.

Now our home decor is a mishmash of fishing, baseball and “I Love Lucy.” It won’t get us featured in “Better Homes and Gardens” anytime soon, but it’s a reflection of the family who lives and loves there.