Jasper couple with plans to adopt hold on to ‘Hope for Moses’
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jenny Gann works on crafts for “Hope for Moses,” her online store to raise money for an international adoption. - Photo by: Jennifer Cohron
Jenny Gann works on crafts for “Hope for Moses,” her online store to raise money for an international adoption. - Photo by: Jennifer Cohron
Jenny Gann has told countless young women the story of Moses, the Hebrew baby who was adopted by an Egyptian Pharaoh’s daughter and later led his people out of bondage.

Gann, executive director of the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center, knows that many of them can relate to the difficult decision that the mother of Moses faced.

“She had to have a whole lot of faith and hope to know that she was doing the right thing to save her baby and that God would place him in a home,” Gann said.

Now Gann and her husband, Wade, are taking a leap of faith of their own.

The couple recently decided to start the international adoption process. They are praying that God will send them the baby their hearts desire.

In the meantime, Gann has started an online crafts shop called Hope for Moses. The proceeds will help pay for the adoption.

Gann said she has felt God leading her toward adoption for a long time.

“I have never had an instinct to have my own children, and there are so many kids in the world who don’t have a mom and dad,” she said.

Her urge to adopt grew stronger once she started working at PTRC.

She started doing some research on adoption and shared her findings with her husband. Soon, Wade also felt that they were called to adopt.

The Ganns understand that there are many obstacles ahead of them.

They need to raise approximately $30,000 and may be waiting up to 18 months for the adoption to be finalized.

Also, the child they welcome into their family one day will most likely have emotional issues that they will have to address.

However, they believe that they are acting according to God’s will and have faith that He will make all necessary preparations.

“God has laid out every step so far. Nothing has made us question if we’re doing the right thing. Everything has just been confirmed,” Gann said.

The Ganns are currently considering adoption agencies.

They have already decided that their child will come from either Uganda or Ethiopia. They are willing to adopt two children if there is a sibling set that can be placed together.

Gann knows some people will question why she and Wade aren’t offering a home to one of the many local children who need them.

Although she can’t explain why, Gann said she has always felt drawn to the children in Africa.

She went on a study abroad trip to Africa in college and was struck by the extreme poverty she witnessed.

The Ganns have not ruled out adopting domestically one day. However, for now they are reaching out to the orphans of Africa.

Gann said it doesn’t make a difference where her future son or daughter is born. Her experiences at PTRC have taught her that a child is a child no matter where, when or under what circumstances he or she comes into the world.

“A child is here because God puts a child in this world. We don’t make babies or place them in situations we want them to be in. God does that,” Gann said.

For more information, visit Hope for Moses on Facebook or at www.etsy.com/shop/HopeforMoses.