Maybe some glee for Phil Campbell
by Rick Watson
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Rick Watson
Rick Watson
I’ve always pulled for the underdog. My mama was always that way too. If there was someone that was down and out in a struggle with someone stronger, richer, younger, or smarter, we’d always root for the long-shot instead of the hotshot.

I think that’s why the Rocky movies were so popular years ago. Somehow when the underdog perseveres, it makes us feel deep inside that if we work hard, study hard, train hard, that we too can win no matter the odds.

I came across an underdog this week — it’s the Phil Campbell High School Band. As you know Phil Campbell, like the communities around Walker County was hit hard by tornadoes on April 27. With a population of just over 1,000, the storm killed 26 people and damaged all three schools there including the high school band room.

Bear with me cause it gets a little complicated — The hit TV show “Glee,” launched a contest which gives schools all across the country a chance to win $50 thousand dollars for their music programs.

Each school entered a video that says something about their program.

The video that Phil Campbell High School posted for the contest on the Glee Give a Note website is very moving.

Once the videos were posted, people began voting for their schools. The voting continues until Nov. 7, 2011.

Large schools in California, Illinois and Florida jumped out on top early in the contest leaving smaller schools like Phil Campbell in the dust.

The contest came to our attention through a friend whose son goes to Phil Campbell. He had a small role in the video.

We immediately went to the site and voted for Phil Campbell. That was last week and they had 4200 votes at that time. Some of the larger schools around the country had well over 10,000.

Both Jilda and I started blogging about the contest and asking those who read our blogs to help out by voting once a day for Phil Campbell.

This morning when I voted, the total had moved up to 9845 and the school had moved from somewhere near the middle to number 6 in total votes out of all the schools across the country. I’m not saying the increase was due to our lobbying efforts, but I have a feeling that if we can bring enough attention to the contest here at home, then we might help Phil Campbell be the David that defeats Goliath.

The first time I watched the video, I was moved to tears. Those kids did a remarkable job putting it together.

If you have a computer, I would consider it a personal favor if you’d go to and click VOTE NOW. In the field to the right it says ENTER SCHOOL NAME. In that field type in Phil Campbell High School.

Bookmark the site so that you can go back once a day until November 7, and vote.

With our help, we can help put that tiny school on the map and help them win money to help the band.

I can hear the theme song to Rocky now. Please help.