Our View: Litter a growing problem in county
by Daily Mountain Eagle
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Litter a growing problem in county

Litter is a serious problem in Walker County.

On today’s front page, members of the Walker County Commission expressed their concern for the issue. Over the last several years, the Daily Mountain Eagle’s editorial staff has also shed light on our county’s litter problem several times. We’ve also published many letters to the editor on the subject in recent years.

Why does littering continue to be a problem?

Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit group, performed a large-scale behavioral study on littering to determine the causes, costs and effects of littering. The study showed littering is a personal choice that can stem from a lack of responsibility for one’s actions and surroundings. The KAB study also determined litterers may also have a sense of entitlement — a feeling other people should clean up after them.

What can we do about the problem?

Each person in Walker County must make an effort to stop littering. Trash needs to be placed in trash cans. There will always be those who lack respect for our beautiful community, but the rest of us should lead by example. When you have trash or see garbage, put it in its proper place.

There have been hundreds of visitors in our county this week. Many of them have commented on how beautiful Lewis Smith Lake is and how it is one of the cleanest lakes they’ve seen. Unfortunately, those same visitors can’t make that statement about most of our roadways.

Let’s all do our part to eliminate litter in Walker County.

— The Daily Mountain Eagle