Quality of schedule should be SEC’s goal
by Johnathan Bentley
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Johnathan Bentley
Johnathan Bentley
The SEC is hands down the best football conference in the nation.

After seven straight BCS football titles, there is no argument.

That said, the SEC should be copied by every conference out there. Instead, it’s the other way around.

During the SEC spring meetings last week, the talk was about adding a ninth conference game to the football schedule, just like the PAC-12 and Big 12.

That ninth game would mean more high-profile games, right?

While it’s true that regular-season matchups like Alabama-Georgia and LSU-South Carolina would become more commonplace, there is a downside. For every decent matchup there is a Kentucky-Miss State game right around the corner. I don’t see people clamoring for Ole Miss-Missouri tickets either.

I think eight SEC games is enough.

Instead of adding conference games to SEC schedules they should look to add some quality to the fold.

Games like Alabama-Michigan and Georgia-Boise State — that’s what fans really want to see — not Arkansas-Vanderbilt.

Teams are always going to have their creampuffs on the schedule. I would rather see one or two matchups against a major conference opponent.

Alabama has one major non-conference game this year.

The Tide is opening the season at the Georgia Dome vs. Virginia Tech.

The other non-conference games are basically against JV teams.

The Tide hosts Colorado State (4-8 in 2012), Georgia State (1-10 in FCS) and Chattanooga (8-4 in FCS).

Walk-ons get ready. This is your chance to shine.

Instead of adding another conference game, SEC teams need to quit playing FCS (Division II) opponents.

Auburn played Alabama A&M last year. Why?

What I remember most about that game is my stepmother saying, “It’s going to be embarrassing when Auburn loses to Alabama A&M.”

All she was looking at were the records and she figured it was going to be another Auburn loss. Instead, the Tigers won 51-7, accounting for more than a quarter of their point total in 2012.

There are good FCS teams out there, but it seems all the big boys want to play the pushovers.

Just last year both Oklahoma State and Florida State scheduled Savannah State — probably the worst FCS team in the nation.

The result was Oklahoma State winning 84-0 and Florida State picking up a 55-0 win — by the way it was 48-0 at the half.

They should be ashamed for putting that kind of opponent in front of the home fans.

I would rather see my team face a lesser opponent from a major conference — Illinois and Indiana come to mind — instead of routing a team that’s there just to earn a paycheck.

If the SEC has to play a home and away series with a major conference team, do it. A ninth SEC game would require a home and away series anyway.

A few years ago, Alabama played a home and away series against Penn State.

Those games sell out in a matter of hours.

Alabama vs. Kentucky, not so much.


Johnathan Bentley is the Sports Editor of the Daily Mountain Eagle. He can be reached at johnathan.bentley@mountaineagle.com