Remembrance of the good times at CHS
by Shelia Winsett
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Like Wheeler Pounds, there are many of us that have memories of our good ole Alma Mata. I guess the most important one is Mr. Wilburn Hudson walking the halls and keeping all those teenagers in line. He had a knack for doing just that. Lots of children miss the important things that were taught the times I was growing up.

Most parents are too busy these days. Mr. Hudson instilled respect, honor, discipline, and obeisance. Anyone in his Democracy Class can reminisce on his walking the floor and telling you take notes - his test were always on his teaching of world living and learning and trying to make you imagine what the seven wonders of the world were like. He was certainly a well respected and honorable man who gave his best to his family, students and country.

Cordova High School library was started by Mrs. Mae Farris and later Ms. Brown. There were a lot of books that got rebound so you can tell reading was a big part of the education. I was fortunate to work in the library and keep it open during lunch and other special times for those who needed extra research.

We can’t forget all the wonderful teachers during his reign. Ms. Glidewell always helped with making all those hotdogs for the football concession stand and her teaching of homemaking and first aide care. Of course, everyone remembers Ms. Blake and Ms. Barton and always wondered why do we need all this math? Mr. Barton and Mr. Fowler were the science brains, and Coach Fowler held our basketball team together. Ms. Garrison and Ms. Hudson kept us up to date with Reader’s Digest, poetry, and of all things Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet - a lot of our students came to like operas and Shakespeare.

Sock hops, ballgames, long lines at the concession stand and lunch room, cheerleader elections, homecoming activities, and of course, we can’t ever forget our Coaches Wayne and John Grubb. Who can remember Pete Jeans, Archie Barrentine, Tim O’Neil? Cordova has always had a GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM and BAND - we must not forget Mr. Armstrong and those band directors who brought the PEP to our school.

A many of good memories from our ole Alma Mata and it is so sad to pass and not have the old building there anymore. I for one do appreciate the teachers, coaches, and of course Mr. Hudson who did their best to get all of us prepared for the world in which we would be entering.

Shelia Winsett,