Search on for suspects in CH break-ins
by Briana Webster
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A pair of break-ins occurred at two different pharmacies Friday night in Carbon Hill.

At 8:11 p.m., Carbon Hill Police Lt. Jason Richardson said a young, white male broke through the front door of Kenneth Guin Drugs using a lawn mower blade. According to Richardson, the suspect covered his face with a toboggan hat and a Halloween mask, roamed around the store but reportedly didn’t take anything.

Police Sgt. Tim Walter and Officer Jason Morris responded to the call at Guin’s pharmacy; however, while they were investigating the first call, another break-in occurred at Vickers Drugs less than three miles down U.S. Highway 78.

“The suspect went into the pharmacy area [at Guin’s], busted out another window and wandered around like he was lost, but he didn’t steal anything at all,” Richardson said. “Then, while we were at Guin’s looking at the footage, the alarm went off at Vickers, and we took off down there. Someone, we believe the same person, had kicked the glass out as he did at Guin’s, but he never went inside. I guess when the alarm went off he got spooked over something and took off.” 

The break-ins were caught on video surveillance cameras at both locations. Richardson said, “From the parking lot you can see a guy go by on a bicycle really fast, and he just flies across the parking lot,” after reviewing video footage taken by cameras at Bill and Sons Supermarket.

“He left the toboggan hat behind [at Guin’s], but he still had the Halloween mask on. Then when he goes to Vickers, he doesn’t have on a mask at all, and he’s just standing out there on the sidewalk. We can tell from the cameras that he’s just standing out there wandering around by the drink machines, and you can see him put on a pair of pantyhose,” Richardson said. “ ... You see him put on the pantyhose, and that’s when he goes over, lays down and kicks the bottom glass out of the door. As soon as he kicks it out, he jumps on the bike and takes off.” 

Police are still searching for the suspect from Friday night’s break-ins and the burglar from the Strickland Drug break-in that happened in February. Richardson says he can’t speak for other police departments in Walker County, but he said Carbon Hill has a noticeable drug problem.

“I think, especially in Carbon Hill, we have a major, major drug problem,” Richardson said. “Like I’ve said before, we don’t see a lot of marijuana anymore; mainly it’s just meth and pills now. It’s awful.

“... We’ve been working on it, but it’s something we need to tighten down on and start working on more with the drugs and the thieving and break-ins going on,” he continued. “That’s our main goal right now, getting the drugs off the streets. Drugs are always connected, most of the time, to the other crimes that happen.” 

If you or someone you know may have information on the break-ins, police are asking that you call the Carbon Hill Police Department at (205) 924-4411 or (205) 924-4412.