Vick wins GOP bid for Walker County coroner
by Briana Webster
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Joey Vick will face Democrat Jeff Nelson in the November general election after winning the Republican bid Tuesday. Daily Mountain Eagle - Ron Harris
Joey Vick will face Democrat Jeff Nelson in the November general election after winning the Republican bid Tuesday. Daily Mountain Eagle - Ron Harris
Both Mark Pendley and Joey Vick spoke about the compassion and dedication one must possess as coroner, but only one man was the victor during Tuesday night’s 2014 primary elections.

Vick beat Pendley by more than 3,000 votes in Walker County, before calculating absentee ballots and provisional votes. Although Pendley ran on the platform of “respect, compassion and dedication,” it still wasn’t enough to stop Vick from becoming the Republican nominee for coroner. Vick won 7,875 votes to Pendley’s 4,005.

“My platform during this entire race has been respect, compassion and dedication. Respect for the deceased and their family, compassion for the family and dedication to the job,” Pendley said. “The one thing I do want to add, one way or the other, I want to thank my family and all my supporters for everything they’ve done. They’ve gone above and beyond anything I had asked.”

Vick also said compassion and dedication are key factors when holding the office of coroner. He, along with Pendley, was surrounded by family and friends at the CHS Activities Center Tuesday night waiting on the results.

“Compassion and dedication are real, real important in this job, and also looking out for the best interest of the family of the deceased at that particular time. I make a promise that I’ll do that if I’m elected, that I’ll do the best job that I possibly can,” Vick said. “I appreciate everyone’s vote and the confidence they’ve had in me and in electing me to return to the office of the coroner.” 

After the unofficial results were called out, both men complimented each other on their race and thanked their supporters.

“I just want to say that Joey ran a good, clean race, and I tried to as well,” Pendley said. “Again, I want to thank my family and all my supporters. They were a huge help.”

Vick said, “I’d like to congratulate Mr. Pendley. He’s run a real good race; he’s a good person, and I appreciate the race that he has run. ... I want to thank all the citizens of Walker County that voted for me, that showed confidence in me. I want to thank my family for supporting me and my church, I want to thank them also.” 

Vick will face the Democrat Jeff Nelson in the November elections.

Nelson said he stopped by Tuesday night because he was “interested in hearing the numbers, kicking back and enjoying not having any pressure on my back, and seeing who I’m going to have to face off against.” 

“I want the job because I want to help the public. That’s why I’ve been in fire and rescue, EMS, for 25 years. I’ve got a forensics degree from Wallace State; I graduated there with honors and a law enforcement degree, which encompasses also law enforcement management. With the skim budget that they have, I can seek out grants that might help to fund it a little bit better for the vehicles, body bags, etc.,” Nelson said. “I also want to try to serve the public by getting death certificates back in a timely manner; I’ve had some people ask me about that. Also, making sure no matter how long it takes to get accurate causes of death. That’s been an issue that’s been brought up this year.

“It’s the fact that people want a big change in Walker County. I’m here; I’ve been a lifelong citizen of Walker County, and I’ve devoted my life to helping people. So, I’m looking forward to their votes November 4.”