Wyatt turns 2
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jennifer Cohron
Jennifer Cohron
As of yesterday, the “terrible 2’s” are upon us at the Cohron house.

I hesitate to call any age terrible after being so thankful last year that Wyatt had lived through the tornado to see his first birthday.

The poor kid never really had a party. The one that we postponed, also known as Elmopalooza, was a disaster when we tried to make it up on Mother’s Day.

First, I discovered that the party supply company had sent us sweet Francesca’s pink and purple personalized banner instead of the one I ordered. Then Zac and I had a disagreement that afternoon and stopped speaking to each other.

I ended up throwing a camera in his general direction that night and telling him to start snapping. I was determined to put some happy peppy first birthday pictures in Wyatt’s baby book no matter how fake they were.

Thankfully, Wyatt won’t remember any of that.

We chose Disney’s “Cars” as the theme of this year’s party.

Every parent has a movie they can quote in their sleep because their kid has watched it so many times. For us, that movie is “Cars.”

Wyatt loves “Cars” so much that he used to reenact the first 15 minutes every time he watched it. His favorite bit was wagging his tongue during the scene where Lightening McQueen sticks his tongue out while jumping over several cars during the big wreck.

Wyatt also calls every big truck “Mack” because that is the name of Lightening McQueen’s hauler and believes that all tractors moo like the ones in the movie.

Since Wyatt already has nearly every cute “Cars” toy on the market (including a Mater laptop), we had to be a little more creative while selecting his birthday gifts.

One of them – a Sesame Street drum set – may be a sign of things to come.

Wyatt has enjoyed banging on the top of the popcorn tin where we store our spare change since he started to crawl.

About a month ago, I had the dishwasher open while cleaning in the kitchen and Wyatt noticed several pots in there that were overturned and arranged like a drum set might be. Almost instinctively, he picked up a spoon and banged one.

His face lit up as the ping of the pot echoed throughout the kitchen. He hit another one and quickly realized that it made a slightly different sound.

Before long, he was creating his own toddler symphony with two spoons and four pots.

Zac and I were amazed that Wyatt wasn’t just making monotonous noise; he really seemed to have an ear for music.

We discussed getting him a drum set for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist the Sesame Street drum set when I saw it in the store. As I explained to my Facebook friends when I announced the purchase, sanity is way overrated anyway.

I didn’t get the drums hidden quickly enough and had to set them up for him that evening. After a few simple pointers from me, he was ready to embark on a solo career by the next morning.

I was playing one of the drums while he played the other when he suddenly looked up at me and said, “Mommy, down.” When he sensed my confusion, he slowly reached over, took the sticks out of my hands and without ever breaking eye contact dropped them out of my reach.

I’ve gone through Wyatt’s baby book half a dozen times this month. I’m worried because two seemed to come around a lot faster than one.

What’s next – five, 13, 16, 21?

It’s almost impossible for me to remember now how freaked out I was when I discovered that I was pregnant three years ago.

If I could go back in time to the girl that I was then, I would tell her, “That little pink line is about to fix everything that you don’t even realize is wrong with your life yet. He is gorgeous. He is love and joy personified. And his name is chunky monkey.”