A new year, a new decade for us all


Christmas came and went in a flash and now it’s back to starting a new year and decade. 

It’s hard to believe that when the last decade started I was just 23 years old, with a warm undergraduate degree from The University of Alabama sitting in a box as I moved to Scottsboro and started my first job as a newspaper reporter. 

Ten years later, I’m still living in Scottsboro, have added two more college degrees to my belt, enjoyed many adventures, experienced many pitfalls of heartache, purchased a house, a few cars, welcomed pets into the house and said goodbye to many other furry friends as well. I would focus on all of the things that have shaped our country in the past 10 years – like politics, music, movies, fashion and more – but why waste time on things I cannot change. Every decade has their signature – flappers, bell bottoms, hip-hop, soda shops, war - all of which make them truly unique. 

So what do I want for this decade? It’s a question I wonder if any of you have asked yourselves. Is there anything you hope for in the coming ten years or even the next year? Or do you just live life day to day and let things happen as they do. 

For me, personally, I want more adventures with my dog Leonardo. I want to see my sweet little Wizard grow into the young man that I know he will one day become. I hope my household experiences richness in laughter, adventure, and a financial peace to be comfortable within our means. I hope to be a better librarian and boss, even move up in the ladder somewhere else – whether it is in my current hometown or another new place that God plants me in to grow and impact. I want to see my faith enlarge – even in the midst of the toughest battles I have yet to face. I want to see myself and my other half find joy in the hobbies that we love – like writing and music. 

For the world, I just want to see it grow into a place where people stop being offended by everything that happens. There is said it – put aside our differences, let people live their lives, and stop worrying about what someone else does. Unless it is causing you physically harm that impairs your life or the life of someone you love, stop being offended. In the words of Taylor Swift, “You need to calm down.” 

We could all use a little dose of “calm down.”

Use this year as a new start to enjoy life and let the next ten years shape you into the person you have always wanted to become. Break old habits. Take leaps of faith and see where it will take you. It’s a new year and a new decade and the only person holding you back from greatness is yourself.