Oakman seniors gift quilt to mayor


OAKMAN — Women from the Oakman Senior Center had a special gift to bestow to the town's mayor Monday night.

The Oakman Town Council meeting began Monday with a presentation from several members of the Oakman Senior Center. Mayor Cory Franks was called down from the council dais as senior center member Allie Mae Kirk carried a large bag with a gift concealed inside. The other senior center members with her gathered around as well.

"We want to thank you for what you're doing for us," Kirk said. "Something's going to happen to you real good. I hope you're going to like it and tell your family where it came from."

Kirk then pulled a bright red, yellow, green and blue quilt out of the bag, with various patterns sewn into the design.

Franks held back tears as he accepted the quilt, which he had ironically seen women working on at the senior center. He just didn't know the quilt would soon be his.

"Now you can stay warm when it gets cold," Kirk said.

Oakman Senior Center Manager Evelyn Garrett explained recently that senior center members wanted to do something special for Franks, since he lost his home in a fire earlier this year. They also wanted to show their appreciation for the recently remodeled senior center.

"They enjoyed making it," Garrett said at Monday's council meeting. "It was quilted by my oldest members."

Once Franks posed with women from senior center and his new quilt, he expressed his gratitude after a short pause to gain his composure.    

"We don't do the things that we do for any type of recognition. We just try to give you guys a nice place to go, and I'll continue to work hard to try to do things for the community so people can enjoy a really good quality of life here," he said. "This really means a lot to me. It's something that I can cherish and hold on to, and I'll always remember this moment and where it came from, so I really do appreciate that."