Prepzone Media Day 2020 will have unique twists

Daily Mountain Eagle

That golden day of the year is upon us.

We return to Five Loaves Bakery today to conduct the DME's 2020 Prepzone Media Day for our seven county football programs and their representatives.

It's our fourth year to enjoy the privilege to give our local football players a big stage and take the spotlight after years of hard work, as well as earning the approval of their coaches and teammates to speak for their team.

It will however, but a Media Day like no other.

With the COVID plague hovering over each and every one of us, face coverings are mandatory for everyone involved at Media Day. Additionally, social distancing will be observed to ensure everyone is adequately spaced apart. Obviously this will make for a much different look when viewing the players, coaches and media during the broadcast, so if we seem to trip over our own two feet establishing a good flow for the first hour of the event, we're going to ask you to bear with us in advance.

Unlike last year's Media Day where the parents, family and friends of the players and coaches were allowed to sit in the audience and enjoy the event, we regretfully won't have anyone other than the participants and media present. As always, we will be broadcasting the event live over Facebook and the presentation will be available to view anytime over our YouTube channel as well, so there are still ample opportunities to listen to what your favorite player or coach has to say about the upcoming season.

As many of you know, Jefferson County canceled its Media Day for this year. While it's very sad that the athletes and coaches in the JeffCo area won't be able to participate in their annual event, it also makes me personally very proud were able to afford the same opportunity to our teams with the help of Kelly Rigsby and her team at Five Loaves, as well as our generous sponsors.

Lastly, there's my own personal reasons why I look forward to today's Media Day — it's another chance to get to know our coaches and players much deeper than we had before our annual Media Day was created. It makes communication much easier in the future for other interviews and carries into other sports the coaches and players may participate in. Through Media Day, fans also identify with the representatives of their teams in a deeper sense — such as the aspirations a linebacker from Dora has for being a veterinarian some day, the quarterback form Sumiton Christian who has an eye on politics or the Jasper offense lineman wanting to spend time volunteering for under-privileged in Central America. Telling those stories is something that's special in our profession — we hope you'll as forward to hearing about them as we do relaying them.


Brian Hale is a sports writer and broadcaster for the Daily Mountain Eagle. He can be reached at