Search made for missing Carbon Hill man


CARBON HILL - A search continues for a Carbon Hill man a month after he disappeared. 

Carbon Hill Police Chief Eric House said Monday that an organized search was conducted on Saturday to find Ronald Gene Humbers but it yielded no results. A cadaver dog and a drone were used to go through 20 acres of property behind Humbers' residence.

"We were just ruling out that area, that he was not there," he said. 

On Monday, House said he took action to subpoena financial statements from Humbers' bank to help with the investigation.

Humbers went missing after Jan. 3, after he was known to have talked to a neighbor who lives across the street from him, House said. 

The missing man is in his early 50s and has a beard. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental illnesses. "To the best of our knowledge, he does not have his medication with him," House said. 

Humbers, who liked to go for walks, at times could be disoriented and not know who he was, House said. 

House said that Humbers has been missing before, "but this is the first time he has been missing and nobody who is his friend has heard from him. None of his friends have heard from him at all." 

Anyone with information may call Carbon Hill Police Department at 205-924-4411. The Facebook page is Carbon Hil PD.