Sumiton Park and Rec getting copier


SUMITON – Mayor Petey Ellis reported during the council meeting on Tuesday that the Park and Recreation Department is requesting a new photocopier.

Ellis asked if park and recreation staff could use the copier at City Hall. After a brief discussion, it was decided that would not work because the copier there is sometimes locked and is would not available when the department needed it.

“The copier they have is worn out and it’s not the capacity they need,” City Clerk Judy Glover said.

Councilman Floyd Burton asked if the copier would be locked up. The area where the copier is located is a secure area, according to Glover.

The council approved the new copier for a cost of $1,995. 

In other action, the council:

• Renewed the Alabama Municipal Insurance policy for the city, municipal gas, and the Sumiton Water and Sewer Authority.

• Discussed a memorandum of understanding between the City of Sumiton and the Walker County Board of Education regarding the duties and responsibilities of the School Resource Officer. This agreement made sure the city and the board were on the same page, according to Sumiton Police Chief T. J. Burnett.

• Heard Ellis address concerns about what the city will do with the $17,000 insurance settlement from the accident on Main Street and Empire Road.  The accident on New Year's Eve destroyed the control box and the signal lights at that intersection. City workers temporarily installed a three-way-stop at that intersection until a decision was made on a path forward.

The council decided at the last meeting to change the intersection from a three-way stop to a one-way stop for traffic coming down Empire Road. Drivers on Main Street will no longer have to stop. 

Citizens questioned what the city intends to do with the $17,000 settlement check. Ellis said the money will go into the city’s account and will be used on street projects or to help purchase a new police vehicle.