'Walker County Roundtable' debuts on Facebook


A new social media endeavor has created a conversational space for Walker Countians.

Oakman Mayor Cory Franks debuted "Walker County Roundtable" this week — a weekly Facebook program that will feature leaders and community members in Walker County.

Franks said "Walker County Roundtable" was born because he feels there are people in the county who have stories to tell. He also wants community members to hear from individuals who aren't in the public eye.

"It's to bring a face to the names that people may not know," Franks said. "I just feel like this is going to give people a more personal experience with different people throughout our county. They may hear their names, but they may not know who they are."

Daily Mountain Eagle Publisher James Phillips served as the first guest on "Walker County Roundtable," which premiered on Monday. Franks explained that he chose Phillips as an interview subject because while many people know about the newspaper, they don't know the faces behind the printed product.

"We talked about the evolution of the Daily Mountain Eagle since James has been there, and we talked about the way news is presented nowadays," Franks said.

The first episode of "Walker County Roundtable" was filmed at the Oakman Senior Center, but Franks stressed that Oakman is not going to be the center of the series.  

"I don't want this to be an Oakman show," he said. "We're going to film the first one in Oakman because it's just sentimental for me."

Some of the goals of "Walker County Roundtable," according to Franks, are to explore issues in Walker County, examine its growth, learn from its people, and to educate about county programs. 

JGO Films is producing the series, while Franks is the host and creator.

A new episode of "Walker County Roundtable" will be uploaded each Monday to the show's Facebook page. 

"I think it's going to be cool to start putting information out there every Monday for the people in Walker County to have something to watch," Franks said.

To watch the first episode of the series, visit https://www.facebook.com/WalkerCountyRoundtable/.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the first episode of "Walker County Roundtable" had over 800 views.