This B.U.G. is the good kind
by Jerome Wassman
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Jerome Wassmann
Jerome Wassmann
I had the opportunity to attend the B.U.G. (Bring Up Grades) program at Park Elementary School recently when 128 students from the third, fourth and fifth grades were honored for their good grades. The program has been sponsored by the local Kiwanis club for several years and includes all elementary schools in the city. Each school has a time when they honor those students who bring up their grades from the previous grading period.

It was interesting to see how excited the youngsters got when they came to the cafeteria to receive their B.U.G. Pins and enjoy an ice cream sandwich. As I watched these youngsters I noticed a couple of them had an extra ice cream sandwich if no one was sitting next to them. And to be quite honest if I had been one of the recipients and there was extra ice cream sandwich laying around I probably would have had the second one also.

One of the primary focuses of Kiwanis clubs and Kiwanis International is to serve children. For a number of years their motto was “Children, Priority One.” Although the local club also supports other worthwhile and community agencies and projects, children are still very high on their list. The international service organization undertook a world wide project several years ago to eliminate iodine deficiency in third world countries and was very successful. Many children and adults suffered with goiters because of having an iodine deficiency. Their present world wide project is to eliminate childhood tetanus in third world countries.

The schools have two B.U.G. Programs each year honoring the students. If the student is successful in bringing up his or her grades for two consecutive grading periods they will receive a happy meal and a T-shirt denoting their accomplishment. I also attended one of the T-shirt events last year and was amused at how many of the students put their shirt on right over the one they were wearing.

I know I have said this before, but I believe it is worth repeating. You can’t put a value on good grades and knowledge. There is nothing that can be more beneficial in life than always doing the best you can in school. What you learn in the classroom will be with you for the rest of your life.

I know teachers in our schools always encourage the students to study and get good grades, but parents need to do the same thing. When your son or daughter knows you are interested in how well they are doing in school and encourage them every chance you get, they do much, much better than those who don’t have that parental support. It also makes the teacher’s job easier as well.

To all of those students that qualified for B.U.G. recently, whether at Park, T.R. Simmons or West Jasper, we offer our congratulations. We are hopeful we will see you again in the near future. You have taken one of the first steps in being successful in life by getting good grades in elementary school. Continue to apply yourselves, study hard, do the homework and get that T-shirt the local Kiwanis club has waiting for you.

Because you are laying a foundation now of good study habits, your years in middle school, high school and college will be much more rewarding. And the Kiwanis Club of Jasper will be proud to say that you were one of their B.U.G. recipients when a student in Jasper elementary schools in 2011.

Jerome Wassmann is editor and publisher of the Daily Mountain Eagle.