Fireworks sales hold steady in county
by Nicole Smith
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Despite dry conditions, many families are still choosing to buy fireworks, and local firework businesses say sales are normal for this time of year.

Teresa Parrish, a worker at Insane McCain Fireworks across from the Walmart in Sumiton, says business has been encouraging. According to Parrish, people are tending to buy family packages and specials that the store is offering, such as ‘buy one, get one free’ items. Mike Sanders, a shopper at Insane McCain, browsed for items with his son.

“I’m looking for stuff to amuse him [his son],” he said. Sanders said that he was looking for sparklers and other items that would be safe to use around the child, insisting that safety was of great importance.

Mike McCain, owner of Insane McCain Fireworks, also owns a firework stand beside the Buy Rite gas station on Highway 69. He insists that sales are going well at all of his locations.

“They’re about the same as last year,” said Ginny Roberts, a worker at the Highway 69 location.

Greg and Debra Williamson own Williamson Fireworks, located off Highway 78 on Sipsey Road, and business has been fairly slow so far.

Greg Williamson said that business has been picking up, however, as Independence Day approaches.

Williamson, like Parrish, said assortment packages are their biggest seller.

“They’re a little cheaper, and they are getting everything they can use at one time,” he said.

While fireworks do make for a beautiful pop of color and light against the night sky, it is important to remember firework safety.

“Any firework is safe to use, if you use the directions. It’s when you don’t follow the directions that people get in trouble,” Parrish said.

Williamson says that fountains and artillery shells are the safest to use, while bottle rockets are the most dangerous because of the distance one of the rockets can travel. Alabama Fire Marshall Edward Paul encourages people who are going to use fireworks to have water nearby, in the instance that a fire ensues.

As July 4th quickly approaches, Paul added, it is important to remember to buy from reliable sellers, which is the safest option.

Additionally, the American Red Cross encourages people to use caution with children when fireworks are present. They also warn to protect eyes, dispose of defective fireworks, store fireworks in a cool location, and stay a minimum of 500 feet from firework displays.

Dr. Charles Shipman works in the emergency room at Walker Baptist Medical Center, and he recommends that one be responsible when using fireworks.

“Alcohol, fireworks and sparklers do not mix,” he said.

Shipman also says that it is important to take precautions when pets are present.

“Animals have sensitive ears, and can be extremely frightened or stressed,” Shipman said.

Officials also offer the following guidelines when fireworks are present:

•Do not light multiple fireworks at once.

•Avoid giving fireworks to young children.

•Do not throw fireworks.

•Never leave children unattended when fireworks are present.

•Do not use fireworks indoors.

•Fireworks should never be stored in one’s pockets.

•Place used fireworks in water.

•Consider moving pets indoors to prevent injury and running away.

•Do not ignite fireworks in bottles or cans.

•Do not purchase illegal fireworks.