Police eye progress, new initiatives to keep city secure
by W. Brian Hale
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The Dora Police Department has added two 2011 Dodge Chargers to its fleet of cruisers. - Photo by: W. Brian Hale
The Dora Police Department has added two 2011 Dodge Chargers to its fleet of cruisers. - Photo by: W. Brian Hale
DORA — Since he was appointed as police chief for the City of Dora, John Duchock has been working hard on several new plans to streamline his department and ensure they are serving the people of the community more efficiently.

A new addition that Duchock and his officers are proud of come in the form of two new police cruisers that have been added to the department’s fleet of cars. Both cruisers are 2011 Dodge Chargers, which, like other cars in the police fleet, have been equipped with computers that allow officer to respond to calls more quickly and work on incident reports more productively.

“In the past we’ve had to send our reports to other departments so they can be added to the state database,” Duchock said. “Now we can take of it here and that eliminates a lot of extra costs to our department and the taxpayers of the city.”

Warrants are also posted to the state’s database and the department’s system, which has allowed Dora’s municipal court to clear several outstanding warrants that have sat idle and unresolved.

“Previously, warrants would sit in a drawer and other departments wouldn’t know if we had a warrant out on an individual,” Duchock said. “Now if anyone gets stopped in the state that we have a warrant on, it will show that the individual is wanted by us. Older warrants are also getting cleared up now, bringing in fines on some cases that are as much as 10 years old and letting people get these situations resolved.”

Also new to the department are cameras that are carried on the officer’s uniforms. The cameras record all activity from the officer’s perspective — a noticeable change from the standard dashboard cameras that did not always reveal enough details on an incident.

The new equipment permits Duchock to investigate any complaints lodged against an officer and provides key evidence in court cases.

The department has also begun new initiatives in crime prevention through high-visibility patrolling and the introduction of narcotics activity complaints.

As citizens report suspicious activity around an area of the city, patrols are increased to maintain a better state of vigilance against potential criminal action. In the event that a resident suspects that narcotics could be involved at a home in their area, the narcotics activity complaint allows Dora Police to investigate the report to determine if further action needs to be taken.

Dora’s neighborhood watch program also continues to be an active part of the department’s effort to combat crime.

The group serves as a pivotal instrument in helping police keep their areas safe, as well as learning valuable safety information that is demonstrated at the group’s monthly meetings.

Dora police officers recently conducted seminars on meth lab awareness and gun safety through the use of gun locks.

A reserve officer’s program has also been instituted by the department that will allow its force to have more officers on the street and provide for better police protection.

For more information on the reserve officer’s program and how to apply for or how to obtain a gun lock, call 648-3211.