Hackleburg tornado survivor receives special Christmas gift
by W. Brian Hale
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Morgan Engle, a survivor of the April 27 tornado that struck Hackleburg, was the recipient of a Matthews Jewel Bow for Christmas. Photo by: W. Brian Hale
Morgan Engle, a survivor of the April 27 tornado that struck Hackleburg, was the recipient of a Matthews Jewel Bow for Christmas. Photo by: W. Brian Hale
Pat’s Archery and Outdoors, The Mathews Bow Company and the non-profit organization Educate My Alabama teamed up to present a new hunting bow to a Hackleburg woman who lost her home during the April 27 tornadoes.

Jerri Ann Reason of Educate My Alabama said that her organization decided to help out individuals who had been affected by the disasters by providing Christmas gifts and decorations for the holiday season. Reason learned that Morgan Engle, a 21-year-old mother and hunter, had lost her home along with her belongings in April — including her hunting bows and rifles — and chose Engle to be the recipient after being nominated by her sister.

“It amazed me that her sister, whose husband is serving in Afghanistan and is a mother with several children, nominated Morgan instead of herself — but she told me how beautiful Morgan was inside and out and how hard she works with three part-time jobs while also attending school. She wanted her to have a special Christmas gift after all that she had been through,” Reason said. “It took me very little time to realize what a very unique young lady Morgan was. I then contacted Mathews Bows who expressed their eagerness to help and sent her a new bow, which we were able to surprise her with.”

Engle, who has been hunting for more than five years, arrived home on Saturday to find a Christmas tree, food, gifts awaiting her — along with her new Mathews Jewel Bow — which was adjusted to her specifications at Pat’s Archery and Outdoors.

“It was a complete shock to come in my house and see it decorated for Christmas, but when I opened the wrapping that bow was in, I was completely amazed,” Engle said. “I absolutely loved it. It’s such a wonderful gift.”

Jake Williams and Sam Williams of Pat’s Archery adjusted the bow for Engle on Tuesday.

Lay stated that Engle’s new acquisition was “one of the finest bows on the market”.

“Mathews products are high-quality items that shoot very accurately. The Jewel has been developed for ladies and is a top-of-the-line bow,” Lay said. “I know of no other bow that matches it. For the Mathews company to give this to Morgan as a gift says a great deal about them — I’m not aware of any other company that would do something of that level of generosity.”

Pat Patton, owner of Pat’s Archery, expressed his pride in being able to join with Matthews Bows and Educate My Alabama in providing Engle with her bow.

“Even though we played a very small part in this special event for her, it always makes you feel good to do something like this during the holiday season for someone who has had a great tragedy occur to them,” Patton said.

Along with the delivery of gifts to Engle, Educate My Alabama also made a delivery to a family in the Dora area that included ornaments that were made by the Oakman Elementary Elite Scholars, along with food, gifts and a Christmas tree.