Council OKs buying taser for police dept.
by Rachel Davis
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DORA — Dora’s City Council voted Tuesday night to purchase a taser and the necessary accessories for the police department, at the request of Police Chief John Duchock.

Duchock said that almost all of the officers are already certified on the tasers and many carry personal tasers currently. This purchase will give officers on both shifts the opportunity to have the protection of the taser, which has become the preferred method of non-lethal force, allowing officers to subdue suspects with short, electrical bursts.

“You’re just trying to get compliance,” Duchock said. “With mace, you’re still in pain 45 minutes later, whether you give up or not. With the taser, once you give up, the pain stops.”

Other methods, including hand-to-hand combat and batons have fallen into disfavor because of the potential danger to the officer or long-term damage to the suspect.

Those methods also come with increased insurance premiums, but the taser carries very little risk of lasting damage, lowering insurance rates and providing officers with a credible threat that often subdues the suspect without discharging the weapon.

“They knew before, that if they’re resisting and I have to pull a gun, I’m probably not gonna shoot you, but now, I will tase you,” Duchock said. “They’ve usually seen that on TV and know is hurts so they don’t want any part of it and the fight’s over.”

The council and police chief also passed measures that outline harassment policies, infectious disease guidelines and established guidelines on outside employment and social media for officers on the police force.

The council decided to table a discussion and vote on the sale of alcohol at the city-owned golf course until all council members could be present.

Edwards said that questions over the legality of alcohol sales on the property had been resolved but the council would still have to approve the measure before it could move forward.