Westbrook enters District 3 commission race
by Rachel Davis
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Urwane Westbrook
Urwane Westbrook
Urwane Westbrook decided to run for County Commission District 3 because he’s tired of seeing the county roads in disrepair.

The lifelong Walker County resident says he has watched as the county roads fell into such horrible shape that many residents are driving off the roads because the ditches are more even than the roads themselves. According to Westbrook, even the repairs that are getting done, aren’t being done properly.

“I was born in Cordova and I’ve seen the shape the county roads have been in,” Westbrook said. “Everybody has just tried to halfway patch the roads. If they’ve got a hole in them, instead of just throwing asphalt in there, I’m for cutting the hole out, squaring it up and doing a proper job. Right now, they just throw it in with a shovel and after a car goes through there three times, it’s back out again.”

Westbrook spent 22 years working with Alagasco and that included learning to cut and patch the roads as they did work.

Despite the county’s lack of funds, Westbrook thinks there are repairs that could be made for little or no money right now.

“There’s a lot of stuff that could be done,” Westbrook said. “We’ve got the labor and equipment. We just need to take the time to do the repairs. We just need to start with the worst. That may mean we spend two weeks in Cordova, two weeks in Parrish and so on.”

Westbrook also has a problem with the lack of available help for those with complaints. He promises that, if elected, he will find answers to the concerns of the residents in his district.

“I want to represent the people of District 3,” Westbrook said. “My door would be open to them all the time, if I’m elected.”