Guin resigns as attorney for city’s utilities board
by Daniel Gaddy
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Ken Guin on Monday resigned as attorney for the Carbon Hill Utilities Board.

Utilities Board Chairman Chris Pschirer said Guin’s resignation letter was hand-delivered to him minutes before the called board meeting.

In his letter, Guin stated, “My reason for resigning from the board is very simple. Mr. Pschirer in the short month we have known each other I have observed inconsistencies in what you have told me and the actions you have taken. I choose not to represent people whose credibility for truthfulness and voracity I question. I hope I am wrong in this perception because you have been placed in a position of leadership in this community.”

Pschirer, who is also a city council member, said he is discouraged that Guin feels that way, but believes it is Guin whose behavior has been inconsistent.

“I feel like it’s the complete pot-calling-the-kettle-black,” he said.

When asked to specify about Guin’s inconsistencies, Pschirer said he was limited on what he could comment due to pending litigation. However, he did say, “It’s just been that his stories never would match up to the facts when I would look them up in regard to utilities board appointments.”

Pschirer also said, “I'm shocked to see a city attorney and utilities attorney resign from his post of duty so abruptly. It makes me question his integrity.”

Guin also said he cannot comment further about the letter because it would concern issues in which he served as the city’s legal counsel.

Guin was appointed as the utility board’s attorney in January.

Earlier that same month, board members Jerry Nelson, Milton Jackson, Joe Killingsworth and Pete Bray were removed from the board by the Carbon Hill City Council.

The city council’s vote to remove the members stemmed from an audit by the Utilities Board that found an unpaid franchise fee to the city, estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

In a letter to the Daily Mountain Eagle, the four members said the board started paying the fee directly after the audit and attempted to begin discussions with the council for a settlement of previous years of unpaid fees.

The four members also pointed out that Guin had a personal lawsuit against the board, which was dismissed days before they were removed.

“It is easy to see that this grudge may have had an impact on the unfairness of this situation, or even caused this entire situation to occur,” the letter stated.

In other business, the utilities board:

•Accepted the resignation of board member Christian Gann.

•Accepted the city council’s reinstatement of Pete Bray to the board. Pschirer, who abstained from the council’s vote to appoint Bray, said some residents have voiced concerns of fairness because Bray is Pschirer’s uncle.

Pschirer said Bray was hired because he has 25 years of experience at the utilities board and has a master plumber certification.

Pschirer said his only goal as chairman is to move the city’s utility board forward.