The history of Linn’s Park
by Ruth Baker
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Ruth Baker
Ruth Baker
The community of Linn's Park is an old, established community. It is situated on Highway 78, about eight miles East of Jasper on the Mulberry River. The Sardis Church is located in this community and is the oldest church in Walker County. In 1865, when Wilson's Raiders came through during the "WAR BETWEEN THE STATES" the Union Troops had planned to cross the river at this point. When Mr. Sanders heard that the "Yankee's are coming", he went to the river and cut the ropes on the ferry and let it sail down the river so the Union soldiers could not use his ferry to cross the river. The Union Soldier's had to move upstream until they could find a crossing.

Mr. Bill Linn, (William) had operated a store at this intersection for many years. One afternoon Mr. Kirby Lee Scott, Mr. Bail Morrow, Mr. David C. Akins and Mr. Bill Linn were sitting on the porch at Mr. Linn's store having a discussion on world affairs. Kirby thought about the idea that they needed to name the community. They all agreed that this was a very good idea. With Mr. Scott, living near Mr. Linn, and he knew that the front porch of the store was where all the neighbors in the community congregated, he suggested that they name their community Linn's Park. They all agreed this was a good idea.

This community had a grocery store owned and operated by Brack and Floriene Scott Barton. The store was taken when the new Highway 78 was repaired and widened. In about 1950 or so, Mr. and Mrs. John Kirchler built the motel, which is still in use, and a restaurant and service station at the intersection of the Highway 22 and Highway 78. This is the intersection of the road to Cordova, Alabama, named the River Road and then going north, the road goes to Sipsey, Alabama.

In 1960, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Newton built the Frosty Drive-Inn in the corner of Highway 78 and Highway 22. This drive-inn is still in existence, as well as the motel. Also, there is a dock for the barges to come and unload the gasoline which is shipped on the barges. This has been in existence for many years.

In the past this community was a thriving place. It drew friends, neighbors and customers from all four directions of the county.

June Kelley Fowler contributed to this column.