Pam Tebow shares testimony at fundraising gala for pregnancy center
by Jennifer Cohron
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Pam Tebow, mother of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, speaks to guests at the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center’s fundraising banquet. Photo by: Jennifer Cohron
Pam Tebow, mother of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, speaks to guests at the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center’s fundraising banquet. Photo by: Jennifer Cohron
Pam Tebow’s speech during the Pregnancy Test and Resource Center’s banquet Tuesday night was filled with sports analogies and stories about her youngest son, Tim. However, her message never strayed far from the theme of the evening — celebrating the gift of life.

Tebow said her husband, Bob, prayed for another son while the couple was serving as missionaries in the Philippines with their four other children in the mid 1980s.

Tebow said her husband became grieved over the number of abortions taking place in America and promised to raise his next child in the ministry.

“He didn’t ask for a quarterback or anything else. He asked for a preacher,” Tebow said.

The entire Tebow family began praying for a baby they named Timothy, which means “honoring God.”

After Pam Tebow became pregnant, she began having profuse bleeding and cramping. Tebow said she thought she had miscarried on several occasions.

When she went to the best doctor in town, Tebow was told that the baby was actually a mass of fetal tissue and was urged to abort immediately in order to save her life.

Tebow refused and several months later gave birth in a hospital in Manila.

The doctor who delivered Tim Tebow called him a miracle because only a shred of the placenta was attached but it was enough to keep him alive.

“He was somewhat malnourished, so we wrote letters to friends and family in the States saying, ‘Please pray that he’ll grow big and strong.’ And they prayed, and he did,” Tebow said to loud chuckles from the crowd.

The Tebow’s pro-life story first received national exposure in 2007 during ESPN’s coverage of the Heisman Award Show. Tebow, then quarterback of the Florida Gators, became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy that year.

In 2010, Pam Tebow starred alongside her son in a pro-life Super Bowl ad funded by Focus on the Family.

The abortion issue was never mentioned, and CBS censors deleted all controversial wording so that the final product was notably vague.

However, the ad received so much attention from critics and the media before it aired that most viewers were made aware of the message anyway.

Tebow said nearly 5.5 million people in a survey by The Barna Group indicated that they had cause to rethink their stand on abortion because of the commercial.

Tebow had four pieces of advice for those who face a difficult decision as she did in the Philippines.

First, enter into a relationship with the master, or Jesus Christ.

Tebow said that she and her husband, neither of whom were raised in Christian homes, decided early on in their marriage to trust God with their future, family and finances.

Bob Tebow compares faith to a muscle — the more you use it, the bigger it gets.

“You trust God for the small things, and He comes through. So you trust him with ever bigger things, and pretty soon you’re walking by faith and you never want to return to being your own Master,” Tebow said.

Next, refer to the manual, or Bible.

Tebow said she felt it was important for her children to memorize Scripture.

While at Florida, Tim Tebow was well-known for referencing a Bible verse in his eye black during games.

The Tebows’ oldest daughter, Christy, later told a reporter that the word of God was the most important thing she learned while at home.

“It gave her a grid to filter everything through. She could filter in truth like ‘I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity, to give you a future and a hope.’ And she could filter out error like ‘It’s my body. It’s my choice. I can do whatever I want and there are no consequences,’” Tebow said.

Third, develop mindsets focused on service and eternity.

Tebow said that she and her husband taught all of their children that they would be great not because they were attractive, talented or wealthy but because they are servants.

All have been active in ministry in some capacity. The oldest Tebow sibling, Christy, serves with her husband and children as missionaries in southeast Asia.

Finally, Tebow encouraged the audience to fulfill their God-given mission.

She added that she was somewhat hesitant to make the switch from mom to public speaker after the story of Tim Tebow’s birth caught the attention of pro-life groups.

However, she never looked back after she heard story after story of expectant mothers who decided not to have abortions after hearing her testimony.

Human Life International estimated several years ago that at least 12 Heisman Trophy winners were among the 53 million babies that have been aborted since the 1973 Roe. v. Wade decision.

“I’m so glad that my son wasn’t the 13th Heisman Trophy winner who was aborted, but I don’t want it to be about anybody else’s son or daughter,” Tebow said.