Our view: Keep local elections clean
by Daily Mountain Eagle
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The local campaign signs are already dotting the landscape in preparation for the 2012 municipal elections.

Let’s hope that, this time around, those running for office in Walker County will conduct their campaigns in a civil manner.

During the primary elections in March, the area witnessed political advertisements that rivaled anything coming out of Washington D.C. in terms of shameless mudslinging and character assasination.

The ads from the Montgomery-based Conservative Truth Alliance brought about a deluge of debate and speculation regarding who was behind them.

As much attention as the ad campaign brought to the local races, none of that attention concerned the ideas or the qualifications of the candidates or even their opponents.

It was theater, plain and simple. Walker County residents might just as well have been watching a professional wrestling match or a soap opera — lots of drama, no substance.

Like most communities in America, Walker County faces financial strains, drug problems and an undeniable public health crisis. It would be refreshing to see political ads that attack those issues rather than who is or isn’t a closeted liberal.

Personal attacks are something we have come to expect from presidential races and even state-level campaigns now. But the members of this community deserve county races that are not straight from the Karl Rove playbook.

The residents of Walker County deserve elected officials that can meet their political opponent in the grocery store and at least make an attempt at being polite.

- Daily Mountain Eagle