Police Report published 8-23-2012
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The Daily Mountain Eagle will release arrest reports from area law enforcement agencies each Thursday.


Aug. 14

Michael Josh Jacobs, 25, Dora: burglary 2nd; criminal mischief 3rd; possession marajuana 2nd; possession drug paraphernalia.

Aug. 15

Marcia Lynn Simmons, 37, Jasper: probation violation.

Aug. 16

Casaurndra Gail Harrington, 26, Jasper: probation violation.

Robert Owen Shore, 32, Dora: possession drug paraphernalia; expired license; operating vehicle without insurance; possession controlled substance.

Aug. 17

Virgil Edgar Hamby, 36, Cordova: possession marijuana 1st; possession controlled substance;  possession drug paraphernalia.

Allen Wayne Murray, 24, Cordova: probation violation.

Kimberly L. Capps, 45, Cordova: failure to appear.

Aug. 18

Curtis Newton Morrow, 33, Quinton: failure to appear.

Aug. 19

Paula Deanne Solosky, 39, Cordova: failure to appear.

Jason Charles Smith, 35, Nauvoo: failure to appear.

Aug. 20

Curtis Simon, 50, Cordova: probation violation.


Aug. 14

Jackie R. Darty, 47, Jasper: possession controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia.

Lewis Jordan, 64, Jasper: torture/willful abuse of child.

Jeremy R. McCartney, 29, Jasper: manufacturing controlled substance 2nd; possession controlled substance, possession drug paraphernalia.

John D. Clark, 48, Jasper: public intoxication.

Alyssa M. Dodd, 29, Carbon Hill: failure to appear.

Aug. 15

Loretta A. Calloway, 35, Jasper: 2 counts - failure to appear.

Aug. 17

Jonathan A. Wright, 18, Carbon Hill: possession drug paraphernalia; possession marijuana 2nd; carrying a concealed weapon; failure to appear.

Thomas M. Swindle, 33, Jasper: domestic violence 3rd.

Jamie M. Swindle, 31, Jasper: domestic violence 3rd.

Ashley L. Dickerson, 21, Jasper: harassment.

Jasmine O. Mason, 30, Jasper: failure to appear.

Joshua R. Boteler, 22, Nauvoo: failure to appear.

Aug. 18

Miguel Tol, 45, Jasper: public intoxication.

Candelario Simaj, 32, Jasper: public intoxication.

Robert T. Orr, 31, Nauvoo: failure to appear.

David A. Black, 21, Jasper: public intoxication.

Aug. 19

Terri M. Scheile, 29, Empire: failure to appear.

Barry N. Davis, 76, Jasper: criminal trespass 3rd.

Terhonda Brock, 32, Jasper: theft of property 3rd.

Melissa C. Miller, 24, Jasper: theft of property 3rd.

Aug. 20

Reggie D. Stowe, 19, Fayette: assault 3rd.

Johnny R. Hunter, 21, Jasper: using false identity to obstruct justice; theft of property 3rd; escape.


Aug. 1

Ramon Wingo, 37, Parrish: capias warrant.

Aug. 5

Perry Johnson, 45, Parrish: domestic violence 3rd.

Aug. 6

Holly Shackelford, 33, address unknown: capias warrant.

Aug. 8

Michael Moore, 29, Parrish: illegal possession prescription medication.

Brady Parsons, 52, address unknown: possession marijuana 2nd; driving under influence;  possession prohibited beverage.

Aug. 10

Michael Pike, 20, Parrish: receiving stolen property 3rd.

Daniel Smith, 32, Parrish: capias warrant.

Jonathan Brannon, Parrish: minor in possession - alcohol.

Aug. 11

Herman Rivera, 31, Jasper: capias warrant.

Rachael Hobbler, 36, Parrish: capias warrant.

Aug. 13

James Durham, 22, Parrish: domestic violence 3rd.

Aug. 16

Jerry Lockhart, Parrish: illegal possession prescription medication.

Aug. 18

David Ballenger, 45, Empire: domestic violence 3rd.

Aug. 19

Priscilla Chance, 32, Parrish: assault 3rd; capias warrant.


Aug. 14

Tasha Marie McGuff, 24, Jasper: possession drug paraphernalia.

Aug. 15

Christopher Lane, 21, Jasper: 2 counts - failure to appear/child support.

Jessica Marie Worden, 23, Jasper: receiving stolen property 3rd.

Christopher Eugene Moore, 24, Goodsprings: contempt of court/child support.

Aug. 17

Jeffery Wesley Long, 31, Jasper: 2 counts - possession controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia; loitering.

Jeremy Elwyn Long, 26, Jasper: 7 counts - failure to appear; possession controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia; loitering.

Aug. 18

Bobby David Morris, 38, Carbon Hill: domestic violence.

Aug. 19

Chucky Earl Mills, 45, Jasper: manufacturing controlled substance 1st; possession controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia.

Kimberly Ann Mills, 43, Jasper: manufacturing controlled substance 1st; possession controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Robert B. Foster, 44, Jasper: manufacturing controlled substance 1st; possession controlled substance; possession drug paraphernalia. 

Tammy Lynette Steadman, 49, Jasper: failure to appear.

Randy Ray Busby, 44, Jasper: failure to appear.

Derek Wakefield, 31, Jasper: menacing.

David Lee Ballenger, 45, Parrish: arrest order - community corrections violation.

Aug. 21

Gary Key, 58, Parrish: obstructing government operation; resisting arrest.

Miguel Velasquez Perez, 21, Decatur: criminal trespassing 3rd; resisting arrest.

The data these reports provide are only arrest and booking information, and should not be relied upon to determine an individual’s actual criminal record. This data may not reflect charging decisions made by the District Attorney’s Office or the outcome of criminal trials. An acquittal or dismissal of criminal charges does not necessarily negate the validity of an arrest.