Parrish PD kicks off communtiy program
by Elane Jones
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The Parrish Police Department is getting ready to kick off its third year of the department’s Walk/Knock/Talk Program.

“The Walk/Knock/Talk Program allows officers to get out in the community and take surveys on the performance of the police department, and what the department can do to better serve the community,” said Parrish Police Chief Nick Smith. “The department completed over 300 surveys since 2010.”

The questions on the survey form included the following:

•What do you feel is the biggest problem in your district?”

•How do you feel the department has responded to the concerns in the community?”

•How would you rate the response time to emergency calls?

•Do you feel safe in your district?

•Overall how would you rate the police department?

•What can the department do to better serve you and your needs?

•How do you feel the police department has changed over the past few years?

“The officer can also take down any complaints that the citizens may have. This survey is a way for citizens to interact with our local officers and get to know them,” Smith said. “This is also a way for citizens to voice their concerns in a private conversation with the officers.”

Smith said of the surveys collected in 2010 and 2011 the number one complaint was stray animals followed by speeders, illegal drug activity, theft and nuisances.

“We’re excited to see illegal drug activity fall to number three on the list of complaints,” Smith said. “It was the number one complaint when I took office in 2006, and we have worked hard for many years on the illegal drug problem in our community.”

Smith said although there have been more than 600 drug arrests made since 2006, there is still illegal drug activity in the Parrish community.

“This department will continue to work hard on ridding our streets of the violators who sell and distribute illegal drugs,” Smith said. “The department has also received some information from local citizens and citizens from other counties about getting some help with the stray dog problem, and we are in the process of trying to team up with animal groups to come in and rescue the stray dogs in the Parrish area.”

Smith said if the department can receive some help from the animal groups, they could rescue these animals and hopefully find them homes.

“It will not only help rid the community of stray animals, but also help the animals,” Smith said. “We’re also working to help educate dog owners about the importance of being responsible for their animals.”