Our view: Straight-ticket voting
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On Tuesday, citizens across the United States will flock to polling places to fill out their ballots, shaping the future of our country, states and counties for the next few years.

There is a great responsibility that comes with voting. It is an action that should be taken seriously. The right to vote is too precious to waste with straight-ticket voting.

Alabama is one of 15 states that allow people to vote a straight ticket, meaning they can choose a single party’s entire slate of candidates by making a single mark on the ballot. Voting a straight ticket is a lazy way to fill out a ballot. Even if a particular party represents a voter’s philosophy, it would be rare that all of that party’s nominees are qualified for the position they are attempting to obtain.

Alabama voters can bend straight ticket voting, according to representatives with the Alabama Secretary of State Office. The state allows a voter to mark a straight-ticket ballot for one party and then go down the ballot and vote for candidates of the other party. There is no limit on how many candidates can be marked in the other party, and the ballot will still be counted.

If voters are determined to vote a straight ticket, at least consider the other candidates before turning in your ballot.

Before going to the polls on Tuesday, grab a sample ballot and go over each candidate and make your decision. The Daily Mountain Eagle is publishing preview stories on local races, and a sample ballot will be inside Monday’s edition of the paper.

The most important thing is that residents go to the polls. Candidates, especially the local ones, have worked hard and deserve a high voter turnout. Go vote. Let your voice be heard.

- Daily Mountain Eagle