Turtle power
by Jennifer Cohron
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Jennifer Cohron
Jennifer Cohron
Noah Wyatt Cohron has been all boy since the day he was born, so it was only a matter of time before he discovered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

My brother and I grew up loving the Turtles during their heyday in the late 1980s and early ‘90s. Nickelodeon has now repackaged the franchise for a new generation.

Wyatt was asleep the night that the new Turtles premiered, but Zac and I tuned in any way out of curiosity. Neither of us was impressed with the new version and promptly changed the channel to something else.

We didn’t give the Turtles any further thought until we learned that Wyatt was watching the show over and over again on In Demand while staying at his grandparents’ house during the day.

That explained why he had started doing Ninjutsu moves all around our living room.

Next, my mother dragged out all of my brother’s old Turtles action figures and bought Wyatt a couple of the new ones. Since then, Wyatt has rarely been without at least one of the Turtles by his side.

Of course, Wyatt insisted that the Turtles come along with us when I took him to the doctor during my vacation last week.

At 2, Wyatt is still at the stage where even mentioning the doctor’s office as our destination brings on immediate clinginess and an onslaught of tears.

I was so thankful for anything to keep him calm that I didn’t mind walking up to the check-in counter with one of the Turtles screaming “Hi-Yah!” from inside the diaper bag.

Wyatt was too distracted by the other kids in the waiting area to play with his Turtles, but he put them to good use as soon as we got into a room.

“Mommy, Turtles sick,” he announced with both arms wrapped tightly around my neck.

“They are?” I asked.

“Uh huh. Put them on that table,” he said, pointing to the exam table.

Then just to make sure he had gotten his actual point across, he shook his head, furrowed his brow and said, “Noah not sick.”

Unfortunately, the doctor said otherwise. A nasty germ that Wyatt has been fighting off for a month has now caused not only a runny nose and bad cough but some fluid back-up in his ear as well.

Because of the ear problem, the doctor ordered a hearing test.

A couple of the Turtles made the trip out into the hall with us, where the nurse conducting the test put Wyatt at ease by asking about them.

I was surprised when he told her the orange one’s name is “Mikey-an-yalo.” It isn’t often that a 2-year-old gets a chance to show off a five syllable word.

Later, he had to have blood drawn, and the nurse again got into his good graces by striking up a conversation about his tiny green friends.

My brave little man watched her prick his finger but was so busy talking about his Turtles that he forgot to cry for a good 10 seconds or so.

While we were waiting for the doctor to come back in, Wyatt took full advantage of the situation by casually mentioning that one of the four Turtles had not yet been added to his collection.

“Mommy, Noah go ‘mall mart’ and get that blue one?” he asked between sniffles.

I couldn’t say no to that tear-streaked face, so that’s exactly what we did after leaving the doctor’s office.

We picked out our Leonardo pretty quickly but not before Wyatt noticed that April, Shredder, Splinter and several other characters are available as well.

I managed to talk him out of those for the time being. Now they’re Santa’s problem.