Coupons to Troops
by Jennifer Cohron
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Carolyn Satterwhite collects every coupon she can find. However, she isn’t hoarding them for herself; she is sending them to military families stationed overseas.

Coupons come to Satterwhite from several sources — friends, old newspapers from the animal shelter, collection points she has set up at her church and local senior center.

“I’ve easily got one large flat rate box every month and usually have some left over to start the next one,” Satterwhite said.

Satterwhite learned about the Coupons To Troops program while browsing online several months ago.

Coupons To Troops was founded in 2009 by three military wives in response to a letter that appeared in Dear Abby.

A reader asked Abby what she could do with coupons that her family couldn’t use. One of the women then sent a response informing the public that military families on overseas bases can use coupons for up to six months past their expiration date.

The Coupons to Troops website now matches soldiers and their families with people in the United States who are willing to mail their expired and unwanted coupons.

Satterwhite, an avid couponer as well as a veteran, said Coupons to Troops is the simplest of its kind.

While other programs require that the coupons be clipped and sorted into categories before being sent, Satterwhite’s only responsibilities are to collect them and mail them.

Each flat rate box contains an estimated $1,000 in coupons.

The military family in Japan whom she supports uses the ones they need and distributes the rest throughout the base.

The adopted soldier’s wife expressed her appreciation to Satterwhite in a recent email.

“Things can be quite expensive here, especially fresh produce, so every little bit helps,” she wrote.

Satterwhite said she is happy to help. Her only problem is that she is now receiving more coupons than she can afford to mail each month.

One flat rate box costs approximately $15 to ship overseas.

As she continues her own effort, Satterwhite is also trying to spread the word about Coupons to Troops in Walker County.

She is willing to speak to any group that is interested in adopting the project as their own.

She can also provide supplies such as flat rate boxes, coupons and customs forms to help the group get started.

“There’s so little that you have to do and it means so much more to them,” Satterwhite said.

For more information, visit or contact Satterwhite at 522-8660.