Making Walker County better
by Charles Tatum Sr.
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Dear Editor,

I would like to point out a number of things that I feel has brought progress to our City. One is that you and your staff do a great job in being fair in your news reporting. There are cases where articles that appear in your column "My Opinion" and others, that some people questioned, you let them vent. Another very positive thing is the fact that you printed the opinions of the major person who spoke on how people were chosen for positions in closed meetings. I knew this to be true by personal experience. Let me say that even though some of those people that were in closed meetings do an excellent job. Knowing some as I do, I am sure that if they would make decisions without mandates from the city fathers, things would be different. I know what I am talking about. I have been told by several that I could be a "big shot" if I would listen. My answer has always been, “no way!”

We have a group of judges, both at the city and county levels, that want what is best for Jasper. It is a very hard job. The solution to our problems is not whether a person is a republican or a democrat, black, white, Mexican, etc., where he came from, or whatever. The real answer is the fact that we must get back to living on the principles that made this a great nation. Today's politics and personal opinions cannot run a nation.

Charles Tatum Sr.