Curry High students sign Prom Promise
by Susan Winsett-Walton
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Curry High seniors sign the contract posted in the hallway as reminder to make good decisions on prom night.
Curry High seniors sign the contract posted in the hallway as reminder to make good decisions on prom night.
Flashing lights, an ambulance, sirens, 911 calls, and emergency personnel all filled the parking lot at Curry High School on Thursday. The 911 call broadcast over the school public announcement system informed students and teachers that a drinking and driving related wreck had occurred after the school’s prom. Seniors, who would be attending prom on Friday, filed out to the parking lot.

The mock wreck, CHS junior Stephen Wood, played a part in the school’s prom promise campaign led by CHS prom coordinator Amy Boshell.

“Prom Promise is designed to help remind students to make good decisions, especially on prom night,” Boshell said. “Several activities and a speaker designed to inform students about the consequences of destructive decisions were lined up in addition to a contract for students to sign.

According to Boshell, the contract, a large sign posted on a main wall in the hallway, served as a reminder of the day’s events.

“We want to make sure students are aware of the dangers of destructive decisions like drinking and driving,” she said. “And hopefully signing the posted contract will remind them to have fun on prom night by making good decisions.”

When Anthony Sellers heard about CHS’s prom promise campaign, he contacted the school.

“I had to speak to the students going to prom,” he said.

Sellers, who is pastor of Awakening Life Church, said, “I have a heart for this community and this school. The Lord just spoke to me and told me to go speak.”

And he did. The seniors crowded into the school gym to listen to Sellers’ heart-wrenching story of losing his brother in a fatal wreck caused by a drunk driver. He pleaded with them not to make the same mistake as that driver did and he shared a list of statistics about drinking and driving.

“I’m so glad Anthony requested to speak to our seniors,” Boshell said. “His story is very touching and his statistics are scary. I just hope they take them to heart and heed his warning.”

Sellers shared that according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 48 teenagers are killed and 5,202 are injured in vehicle accidents on a typical prom weekend and 40 percent of those deaths are alcohol related.

With the stories and statistics Sellers shared, he had no trouble keeping the students’ attention. They listened intently to his tragic story of loss and laughed with him as he passed along prom night advice.

“Society keeps our teachers from bringing God into our schools,” he said. “I want to share God’s love with these students. My mission is to change the lack of morals people have today.”

Choosing not to drink and drive was not Seller’s only talking point. The next began with a surprise.

“Who wants a prize?” he called out to his attentive audience of seniors. Many raised their hands and some even yelled out to him, especially the ones who wanted one of what they thought were white T-shirts in a baggy thrown their way.

As the baggy with something white in it flew through the air, Sellers asked the students to open the bag and take a big sniff.

“Yep, that’s from my son,” he said. “I just changed those diapers this morning.”

And from there, Sellers encouraged the students to save sex for marriage.

“I change these diapers all the time, and I still gag when he leaves me a little prize,” he told the students. “Girls you don't have to have sex with the raging hormones sitting next to you that's begging you. Cherish who you are and don't just give yourself to anybody. Chances are you and your boyfriend will not stay together.

“Guys, condoms are only 98 percent effective,” he said. “That means two times out of a hundred it won’t work. About 90 percent of high school relationships don’t last.”

Sellers left the crowd with a verse from 1 Corinthians 10:31 reminding them “whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” Then he prayed for the students.

The students left the CHS that afternoon with their names signed along the hallway as a reminder of their promise to make good decisions and thoughts on the day’s mock wreck and Seller’s advice.