Police chief passes drug test amid allegations
by Jennifer Cohron
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Nick Smith
Nick Smith
CORDOVA — Cordova Police Chief Nick Smith submitted to a full panel drug screen last week to squelch a variety of allegations that have been circulating in the city recently.

“Mayor (Drew) Gilbert approached me about rumors that were being spread about me using drugs. I was eager to put those rumors to rest, and I volunteered to immediately take a drug test which proved to be negative. I commend Mayor Gilbert for bringing this to my attention and the manner in which he dealt with the situation as I am happy to maintain a high level of transparency as it relates to the integrity of our police department,” Smith said.

Gilbert confirmed Smith requested to take a drug test on Monday during their conversation and was driven to the testing facility by street supervisor Wayne Brown. The results were received at city hall on Tuesday.

The drug test was Smith’s first since being appointed by the city council in November, according to Gilbert.

The city has a random drug testing policy.

Gilbert said he had no reason to suspect that Smith was using drugs and is uncertain of the origins of the allegations.

“I would assume that he has ruffled the feathers of a criminal element in the city because they have been so aggressively serving warrants and pursuing drug charges,” Gilbert said.

Smith cited a pending case that he believes is related to the rumor.

“The backlash from that arrest came in the form of lies that were directed at me personally,” Smith said.

Gilbert said anyone with concerns about Smith’s conduct should approach himself or the chief.

“I don’t know why the community is continuing with that rumor, because none of them have any facts to back it up. It’s actually upsetting that the community would run with something like that,” Gilbert said.

Smith said he plans to continue his efforts to reach out to the community.

“I am happy to serve the people of Cordova. Our police department will continue to do our best to keep Cordova safe, and we will continue to work with our city leaders, other city departments and our citizens to keep Cordova a safe, friendly and family-oriented community,” Smith said. “I would like to remind everyone that our neighborhood watch program meets on the last Thursday of every month at city hall. All are invited to come and meet with me and other members of our police department.”