City will overcome mayor’s arrest
by William L. Hurst
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I would like to respond to the Daily Mountain Eagle editorial of Sunday, Sept. 22. I would first like to say that publicity starts with the media. Maybe we should flash attention-grabbing pictures of all those people doing good deeds across the front page and keep the never-do-wells and their escapades on the back page, but I guess that would probably cause a drop in sales. No, sadly, bad news is what sells newsprint.

I am in no way condoning what our mayor did, but he is human just like everyone else and subject to the same temptations. What sets good men apart when serving the public in such a capacity is you must ask yourself, “Can I hold myself to just a little higher standard than I expect from my constituents?” Power corrupts spineless men who have no regard for law and order, and that think the rules only apply to others and not the ones in charge.

We will overcome this ugly situation we’re in as evidenced by the great turn-out at Hillfest 2013, despite the weather not cooperating. Committee members and volunteers worked very hard to make it the success it was, and I’m proud to have been involved in it. There are other things planned for the near future as we strive to move Carbon Hill forward. We shall rise like the Phoenix from the ashes, because hope springs eternal!

William L. Hurst,

Carbon Hill