New DME political announcement policy
by Jack McNeely
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Jack McNeely
Jack McNeely
The 2014 Primary Election is only 135 days away.

On June 3, 2014, Walker County voters will narrow the field of republican and democratic candidates for the Nov. 4, 2014 General Election.

In the meantime, political hopefuls are expected to line up for Walker County Sheriff, Walker County Coroner, Walker County Revenue Commissioner, District 14 Judge-Place 1, Superintendent of Walker County Schools and Chairman of Walker County School Board.

The Daily Mountain Eagle will cover the election process a bit differently in 2014. Our editorial team will begin reporting declarations of candidacy per office during the upcoming qualifying terms for each respective party.

Keith Davis, county commissioner and chair of the Walker County Republican Party, will receive declarations from Jan. 27 through Feb. 7.

Democratic Party Chair Nath Camp will receive declarations from his party members beginning the first week of February.

We will request a list of daily filings from each party chair during the upcoming windows of declaration. And we will contact each political hopeful for comment to be included in daily updates that pertain to the above-mentioned offices rather than publishing individual announcement stories.

It is our editorial obligation to provide objective and accurate election stories for our readers and registered voters of Walker County.

In the past, candidates submitted their campaign announcements and expected it to be published on the front page as written.

Some candidates would even expect our editorial team to either help them write or craft their campaign platform altogether.

When it comes to the political process, we cannot blur the lines between reporting and advertising. I believe the political announcement policy outlined here protects the integrity of the newspaper.

In the meantime, I encourage candidates to consider the Daily Mountain Eagle for their campaign marketing needs. With a paid circulation of nearly 9,000 Tuesday through Sunday, more than 20,000 folks read this paper each day (industry standards show that 2.3 adults read each daily newspaper that is purchased).

Also, a recent survey of U.S. voters’ media use demonstrates the advantages newspapers hold in connecting political advertisers — elections campaigns and issues advocates — with registered American voters, the group most likely to vote.

The American Voters Media Use Study, conducted by Moore Information and released last year, shows that 86 percent of registered voters read newspapers in print or online. Ninety-one percent of voters who contributed money to a campaign read newspapers.

Jack McNeely is the publisher of the Daily Mountain Eagle and can be contacted by phone at 205-221-2840 or via email at