Police Reports
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March 14

Steven Ray Johnson, 33, Carbon Hill: burglary 3rd; theft of property 2nd; receiving stolen property 2nd; criminal mischief 2nd


March 15

Zachary Chase Daniel, 21, Cordova: driving under the influence - alcohol


March 4

Erica D. Morgan, 36, Quinton: probation violation

March 5

Carledrial Andrekus Davis, 24, Quinton: bench warrant

March 6

Jason Lynn Smitherman, 25, Clanton: probation violation

March 7

Douglas Nolan Watson, 23, Cordova: alias

Todd S. Fischer, 43, Empire: probation violation

March 8

Jamy Lee Cummings, 36, Dora: alias, switched tag, driving while revoked, fail to signal, operating vehicle without insurance

March 10

Timothy Carl Hallmark, 52, Quinton: alias

Corey Owen Stillwell, 26, Mulga: alias

March 12

Melody Smith Moore, 55, Sipsey: probation violation

Kristi Nicole Smith, 28, Quinton: fail to signal; possession of controlled substance

Willie Antonia Doaty, 33, Quinton: probation violation

Eric T. Gibbs, 28, Parrish: alias

Tammy Skinner Blackwell, 41, Graysville: alias

March 13

Patrick Lee Ennis, 18, Jasper: 2 counts possession of forged instrument 2nd, 2 counts forgery 2nd, 2 counts identity theft, theft of property 2nd, obstructing justice using false id

March 14

Steven Keith Ballenger, 35, Dora: probation violation

James Michael Parr, 53, Dora: driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia

March 17

Lance Sterling O’Conner, 45, Cordova: probation violation


March 9

Kenneth K. Timblin, 61, Double Springs: driving under the influence of alcohol

Amanda Jean Hartley Caldwell, 34, Jasper: failure to appear

Jeffery L. Harrison, 39, Haleyville: theft of property 3rd

March 10

Johnathan Lee Thomas, 22, Reform: negotiating worthless instrument

Kelly D. Beebe, 36, Jasper: theft of property 2nd

Timothy Kyle Sawyer, 22, Empire: theft of property 3rd; failure to appear

Sharon Sloan Debaun, 55, Hayden: theft of property 3rd

Frances Farris Orr, 75, Jasper: assault 3rd

March 11

Barry Ray White, 60, Jasper: driving under the influence of alcohol

Jason Eric Allison, 27, Jasper: 2 counts/failure to appear

Terry Lee Roberts, 52, Jasper: contempt of court; failure to appear

Bert Christopher Bowers Jr., 22, Jasper: possession of a controlled substance

Joseph Wayne Hogeland, 38, Jasper: failure to appear

March 12

Candy Lashae Hunter, 30, Jasper: possession of a forged instrument 2nd; theft of property 3rd

Ashley Lashay Duckworth, 24, Winfield: theft of property 3rd

George Thomas Vinson, 51, Carbon Hill: theft of property 3rd

Tammy Leann McCurry, 45, Jasper: theft of property 3rd

March 13

Matthew Scott Lay, 29, Flat Rock: failure to appear

Mark Thomas Batson, 55, Jasper: 2 counts/domestic violence 3rd

Danielle N. Marshall, 19, Jasper: failure to appear

Melissa Jane Orear, 39, Jasper: theft of property 3rd

Lee Ann Lindsey, 44, Cordova: failure to appear

March 14

Jesse Rachel Blackwell Harten Garrett, 36, Carbon Hill: failure to appear

Michael Joe Jenkins, 56, Jasper: domestic violence 3rd

Christopher Wayne Garner, 37, Cordova: 2 counts/failure to appear

Jessica Rae Kilpatrick, 31, Jasper: failure to appear

James Howard Davis, 31, Parrish: failure to appear

March 15

Anna Maria Borges, 35, Bremen: theft of property 3rd

Canrell Ray McDonald, 52, Jasper: harassment

Dwight David Smith, 35, Jasper: failure to appear

Nicholas Franco, 34, Jasper: failure to appear; criminal trespass 3rd


Feb. 18

Phillips Scott Brooks, 42, Sumiton: cash warrants

Timothy Dale Pozak, 48, Dora: domestic violence

Feb. 19

Shranda Kae Horst, 37, Adamsville: 3 counts failure to appear

Feb. 20

Glenn Burton Allums, 43, Sumiton: failure to appear

Feb. 21

Shannon Lee Stewart, 23, Cordova: resisting arrest; domestic violence 2nd

Feb. 22

Brenda Jean Shockley, 33, Sumiton: 4 counts failure to appear; cash warrant

Olin Dale Hulsey, 42, Birmingham: theft of property 3rd

Karen Michelle Smitherman, 21, Jasper: 3 counts failure to appear; cash warrant

Feb. 23

Jamil Demonte White, 23, Empire: cash warrant

Jared Marcus Maske, 19, Dora: public intoxication

William Franklin Owens, 21, Sumiton: resisting arrest; menacing

William Benson Phillips, 40, Sumiton: public intoxication

Feb. 25

Roger Milton Dickson, 42, Jasper: 2 counts failure to appear

Fredrick Destin Blake Rutkowski, 19, Empire: rendering false alarm

Jami Michelle Tyler, 35, Jasper: contempt of court

Johnny Eugene Cato, 31, Jasper: cash warrants

Bruce Ann Levan, 37, Dora: 2 counts failure to appear

Tamara Lynn Mccoy, 32, Dora: cash warrants

Feb. 26

Stephanie Leigh Cato, 30, Empire: public intoxication; possession of marijuana; possession of drug paraphernalia; illegal possession of prescription drugs; carrying a concealed weapon without permit; theft of property 3rd

Feb. 27

Rusty Kyle Bradford, 36, Kimberly: receiving stolen property 3rd

Little Jack Morris, 41, Jasper: cash warrants

Johnathon Oneil Foster, 29, Cordova: cash warrants

Feb. 28

Lovanda Jean Kelley, 24, Empire: public intoxication

March 1

Crimson Leigh Morrow, 34, Birmingham: failure to appear

March 3

Linda Faye Shipman, 59, Double Springs: public intoxication

March 4

Ryan Taylor Whitehead, 27, Dora: cash warrants; criminal trespassing

March 9

Matthew Mark Nichols, 43, Sumiton: domestic violence

March 12

Lewis J Perry, 28, Quinton: possesion of controlled substance; theft of property 3rd

Joshua Levi Freeland, 21, Nauvoo: harrassing communications

Michael Jennings Duke Jr, 24, Mount Olive: cash warrant

March 13

Amanda Francis Drummond, 34, Arley: failure to appear

Jeffrey Scott Weldon, 51, Empire: illegal possession of prescription medication

Winford Wright, 67, Empire: public intoxication

Larry Lawayne Stanley, 44, Cordova: attempt to elude, manufacture of a controlled substance 2nd, possession of drug paraphernalia

March 14

Lauren Brooke Hawkins, 28, Sumiton: public intoxication

March 15

Jeffery Harris Sanford, 43, Jasper: failure to appear

Lauren Brooke Hawkins, 28, Sumiton: public intoxication

March 16

Dylan James Glover, 19, Quinton: public intoxication

Shannon Lee Jones, 38, Carbon Hill: cash warrant


March 12

Paul Don Cordell, 41, Carbon Hill: receiving stolen property 3rd

March 13

Joseph Levi Freeland, 21, Nauvoo: bond revocation

March 14

James Ryan Henderson, 27, Carbon Hill: unlawful distribution of a controlled substance; conspiracy to commit a control substance crime

Tommy Lee Lang, 55, Graysville: public intoxication

Jerry Pinkard, 57, Jasper: failure of adult sex offender to register with local law enforcement; adult sex offender - violation of identification requirements

Brandon Owen Robinson, 32, Cordova: cruelty to animals

March 15

William Seth Black, 33, Jasper: domestic violence 3rd

March 16

Justin Blake Haywood, 25, Jasper: public intoxication

Johnny Michael Pare, 52, Carbon Hill: domestic violence 3rd

March 17

David Malcolm Swindle, 30, Jasper: possession of drug paraphernalia

Munro Michael Munson, 44, Pompano, Fla.: probation violation

March 18

Jeremy Shane Bland, 45, Jasper: theft of property 1st

Emmett Ray Cline, 59, Jasper: harassment; menacing

Mary Michelle Lathum, 43, Cordova: unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance; unlawful possession of a controlled substance; chemical endangerment; unlawful possession drug paraphernalia

James Scott Swack, 43, Cordova: unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance; unlawful possession of a controlled substance; chemical endangerment; unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia

The Daily Mountain Eagle will release arrest reports from area law enforcement agencies each week. The data these reports provide are only arrest and booking information and should not be relied upon to determine an individual’s actual criminal record. This data may not reflect charging decisions made by the District Attorney’s Office or the outcome of criminal trials. An acquittal or dismissal of criminal charges does not necessarily negate the validity of an arrest.