Commissioners seemed to be hiding info in recent meeting
by Albert Day Legg III
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I attended the Walker County Commission meeting this past Friday. During the meeting, an issue came up which troubled me. Near the end of the meeting I stood up asking if I could make a statement. I was immediately shut down by Chairman Luster.

He stated that the public had their chance to speak at the beginning of the meeting. (Not being clairvoyant, I do not see how I could address an issue I was not yet aware of).

Nonetheless, I chose to be respectful to the process and have a seat. Not being one to be “shut down” on an issue that I am concerned about, I decided to bring my argument to this forum.

A couple of the commissioners were concerned that the press was alerted about the ability of the prisoners to circumvent the locks in the Walker County Jail. Their argument being that the prisoners do not need to know about the situation because it may compromise the jail.

My question is, if the prisoners are the ones circumventing the locks, how could they not already know about it? I feel the real issue is that the commissioners who are concerned about the press are in reality trying to keep the press from reporting that they are not effectively addressing the situation.

My concern is that the public needs to know how the matter is progressing. There are children that pass by the jail on a daily basis returning home from school. There is also a retirement home not too far from the jail.

People from all over the county go to the Courthouse and the Probate Judge’s Office. The public needs to be informed of the progression so that citizens can take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Thank you,

Albert Day Legg III

Attorney at Law

Jasper, Ala.