City schools release latest strategic plan
by Briana Webster
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Since taking the reins in 2006, Jasper City Schools Superintendent Robert Sparkman has helped in overseeing two separate strategic plans for the school district.

Vision 2015: Pursuit of Excellence is the latest strategic plan that lists the school system’s progress, its accomplishments and what it plans to accomplish by the end of 2015.

“We have a strategic plan, and this is what we’ve been working on, finishing up four years. This is a five-year plan, and really the meat of it is when you get into the standards, and it has our priorities, the things that we want to work on and try to accomplish in all of our buildings,” Sparkman said. “What I did is I summarized four years of progress here, and it bleeds over a little bit into the strategic plan we’ve had before.” 

A status update from the Vision 2015 strategic plan consists of more than 30 Jasper City District Leadership Team accomplishments reported. Listed are a few of the Jasper City system’s accomplishments: 

•developed the Vision 2015 strategic plan that set priorities for all educational, extracurricular and facility improvements for the 2010-2015 school years; developed an industrial maintenance program at the Jasper City Industrial Park Incubator facility in partnership with the chamber of commerce, Bevill State and Walker County Schools

•managed board finances with annual budgets averaging more than $27 million

•implemented instructional improvements; implemented increased rigor for academic offerings at Walker High School by adding more Advanced Placement courses

•maintained academic successes in the district while the poverty level of students has climbed to 48 percent

•provided leadership to create a district non-profit foundation for the Jasper City Schools-Educational Excellence Fund, maintained a current fund balance of $105,000, funded WiFi for all schools in the district and developed many partnerships with the business community

•implemented technology improvements in the district that have changed the network from Novell to Microsoft Windows 2008, increased Internet capability to all schools, installed WiFi to all district facilities, provided new computers, provided Smart Boards and document cameras in 90 percent of classrooms, upgraded all faculty and staff computers and provided iPod touches or iPads to all students and staff

•implemented a district media center book circulation management system for all schools; implemented a system for contacting all part-time workers in the system with a private vendor to better serve students; implemented Alabama’s College and Career Readiness Standards in English and math for K-12; implemented annual update to K-12 curriculum maps

•accomplished installation of door locking systems at each school and security camera systems in all buildings and major parking areas at WHS including buses; provided two resource officers

•completed Virtual Alabama School Safety Initiative which gives immediate access to school facilities for all first responders

“I tried to summarize for the board what the progress had been ... We did a little tightening up of it and making it a little bit more concise, and that’s when I put it on our website,” Sparkman said. “ ... It’s just something I believe in that you have a strategic plan and plan out over several years so that you know what it is that you’re trying to accomplish with all your resources from your staff to students to facilities to finances.”

If you would like to see a complete copy of the Jasper City Schools’ Vision 2015: Pursuit of Excellence strategic plan, you may do so by visiting the school district’s website at, look under Quick Links and click Vision 2015.

“We still have a year to go, but this, again, is just the status of it, and I really think there’s some things in here that a lot of folks don’t know,” Sparkman said. “... Things that just the Average Joe wouldn’t know we’ve done but has made everything we do a little more efficient and more helpful to people who are trying to do business with us.”