Don't bet on next governor doing everything promised to the people
by Chris Yow
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Chris Yow
Chris Yow
I thought about waiting on writing this, but, honestly, it is too important to wait.

In November, voters will head to the polls and elect a new governor, and this time it is very important for people in Walker County -- not that any other term was not.

Democrat Ron Sparks says every child in Alabama deserves to go to college on the state's bill.

Republican Robert Bentley says not ever child in Alabama should go to college.

I tend to side with Bentley on the education lottery, not every child in Alabama should go to college on the state's dime -- especially with the current state of education in Alabama.

I believe the government's overtake of the school system in the beginning was a mistake, and it has proven to be lately. It was never intended to be the job of our government to educate children.

Some say a lottery will help send children to college. Alabama does not have a lottery, but Sparks says if he is elected we will have one.

Isn't that what Don Siegelman said?

Don't get me wrong, I've been known as a sort of proponent for bingo in Alabama, mostly due to the economic prowess it gave parts of Walker County. I've even told Republican friends of mine bingo was good for our state in many aspects, much to their dismay.

Truthfully, I think a lottery would ultimately be a good thing for Alabama. I've seen the effects of Georgia and Tennessee schools. And if the government is going to control schools, they need to have plenty of resources.

That being said, I believe a lottery is unnecessary. A good friend of mine, Clay Scofield, is running for a state senate seat on Sand Mountain, and he once said, "Montgomery doesn't have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem."

I agree wholeheartedly the government in Alabama needs to re-evaluate where its money goes. More education money should go to educators rather than board members and Superintendents who are no longer in the classrooms -- although many top bosses earn a lot of the money they're paid.

Bentley, while opposing a lottery outright, does believe the state deserves to vote on all gambling once and for all, ending the controversy surrounding bingo. I agree voting on the issue statewide is the only way to really represent what citizens want in this matter.

Alabama, especially Walker County, has traditionally been a Democratic state. However, it is time to stop voting for Democrats because they're Democrats, and not start voting for a Republican because they're Republican.

Do what is best for Alabama. Do what is best for Walker County in local elections.

We live in a representative republic, not a democracy. Don't forget that fact on Nov. 2, and choose who will represent you the best.

Do I think whoever wins the governor's race will try to accomplish everything I want?

I wouldn't bet on it.

Chris Yow is a reporter for the Daily Mountain Eagle. He can be reached at 221-2840.