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CDC notes safe ways to mark holidays in pandemic

Because many generations tend to gather to celebrate holidays, the best way to minimize COVID-19 risk and keep your family and friends safer is to get vaccinated if you’re eligible, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. 


The good stuff

About a year ago, we had a contractor come out and talk to us about redoing our bathroom.This wasn't purely for aesthetic reasons. We …

Falling out of fall

Our street was shrouded in fog on the morning of Oct. 1.  I stood on our front steps, enjoying just the hint of cool air, and …

Dinner with friends — Beef Daube

Two weeks ago I spent three glorious nights on top of Long Mountain, TN with five lifelong girlfriends. My friend, Penny, has a …
Ed Howell

COLUMN: Both parties are failing in leadership of the nation

Frankly, I don't know what I am these days, politically. I know that both political parties have a vacuum of leadership that you could …

Video stars

I was in the middle of handling the dozen little things that have to get done in the mornings before work and school earlier this week …
Ed Howell

COLUMN: County morgue, mobile unit a blessing to the living and the dead

One of the better things to have happened to the county government of late has been a $500,000 grant that came through the Alabama …

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Around the globe
Nobel in chemistry honors pair for new way to make molecules

STOCKHOLM (AP) — Two scientists won the Nobel Prize for chemistry Wednesday for finding an "ingenious" new way to build molecules that can be used to make everything from medicines to food …

Boris Johnson hailed by his party despite UK's economic woes

Pope expresses 'shame' at scale of clergy abuse in France

Pandora Papers a worry for Czech PM Babis ahead of election

Coronavirus deaths in Russia surpass 900 a day for 1st time


Baldwin: Killing of cinematographer was 'tragic accident'

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Alec Baldwin said Friday that the killing of a cinematographer who died after Baldwin fired a prop gun on a movie set was a "tragic accident," as authorities investigated the shooting, which also wounded the director.

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor: Pistol permit money should all remain with local departments

I’m very disappointed right now in our wonderful state. On Thursday, SB308 made it through the floor of the Alabama Senate. SB308 establishes a lifetime $300 pistol permit option for citizens, and …

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