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July 30, 2021
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EXPLAINER: Will moratorium's end spell evictions in Alabama?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A federal freeze on most evictions enacted last year is scheduled to expire Saturday, after President Joe Biden's administration extended the original date by a month. …

Ed Howell

Vaccine is the best bet you will ever make

 During the weekend, I decided - reluctantly - to start wearing a mask again to large traffic areas, such as Walmart. Sunday I went …
Paul "Bear" Bryant, football coach at University of Alabama in an undated photo. (AP Photo)

COLUMN - Bryant more than just a coach

Editor's Note - This is the second in a series of four stories on Bear Bryant and Nick SabanIt is almost a tale of folklore now, the …
Steve Flowers

Governor Kay Ivey Second Governor from Wilcox County

Kay Ivey is doing a good job as governor. She is a strong and decisive leader, who has done more than steady the ship of state. She is …
Daniel L. Gardner

For the good of the people

In the late spring of 2020, many of us warned against government mandates. Mandates restrict individual freedom. Mandates proliferate …
James Phillips

Always something to do in Jasper

Some people love to complain. One of the most frequent complaints that I hear is “there is nothing to do in Jasper.” I beg …
Jeffery Winborne

COLUMN - Bryant & Saban: Who is the GOAT?

I wasn't alive during the days of Paul “Bear” Bryant as the legendary coach died three years and three months before I was born. …

AP News
Across the nation
'Welcome home': Evacuation flight brings 200 Afghans to US

WASHINGTON (AP) — The first flight evacuating Afghans who worked alongside Americans in Afghanistan brought more than 200 people, scores of them children and babies in arms, to new lives in the …

Georgia nuclear plant cost tops $27B as more delays unveiled

Robinhood CEO tells AP it's eyeing expansion beyond trading

Ex-Cardinal McCarrick charged with sexually assaulting teen

Biden to allow eviction moratorium to expire Saturday

Around the globe
Israel to offer 3rd COVID booster shot to older citizens

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's prime minister on Thursday announced that the country would offer a coronavirus booster to people over 60 who have already been vaccinated. The announcement by …

Russian lab module docks with space station after 8-day trip

German court faults Facebook's past handling of hate speech

Officials in Tokyo alarmed as virus cases hit record highs

Floods make thousands homeless in Bangladesh Rohingya camps


Frosted relic: Slice of Lady Di's wedding cake up for sale

LONDON (AP) — Don't let them eat this cake. A slice of one of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding cakes is up for auction 40 years after the nuptials watched around the world. The …

Letters to the Editor
Letter to the Editor: Pistol permit money should all remain with local departments

I’m very disappointed right now in our wonderful state. On Thursday, SB308 made it through the floor of the Alabama Senate. SB308 establishes a lifetime $300 pistol permit option for citizens, and …

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